Hold Me Close Now Tiny Jordans

Vivi's Tiny Jordans

Finish Line is local to Indianapolis–I drive past their headquarters at least once a week. I recently got an email from them asking if I would like to help get the word out about toddler month (which is technically coming to an end, but cool shoes are always in style). As I clicked through their toddler shoe collection, it wasn’t until the very last pair that the fireworks went off as Cody geeked over a tiny little pair of shiny Jordans.

“I’ve never even had a pair of Jordans,” lamented Cody.

Up until the Jordans, Vivi has only owned one pair of “real” shoes she could wear outside. The rest have all been soft soled booties and furry little house slippers. Addie has a whole collection of shoes from her toddlerhood, but unfortunately the sizes don’t match up unless I want to throw Vivi outside in brown strappy sandals. I don’t even really remember where I bought most of Addie’s shoes because I bought them in Utah seven years ago. I know I learned the hard and expensive way that I’d rather spend $40 on a well made pair of shoes rather than $15 on three crummy pairs of shoes that fall apart after the first few times out of the house.

I can tell you with certainty I never would have shopped at an athletic store for Vivi’s shoes.

We call Vivi’s Jordans her “pumped up kicks” and she carries them around with her begging to “GO? BOOTS! BYE BYE?”

They’re ridiculous. They’re hysterical. They’re technically for boys. They’re going to be passed down to my tiny little nephew.

vivi's sweet jordans


Addie has a sweet pair of bright purple and yellow Sauconys she swears make her run faster. If she ever takes to basketball, hopefully¬†these sweet kicks will be around. (Ack! They have them in Vivi’s size too!) These were my second choice, in red. Forget blue suede shoes, it’s all about the red suede shoes with Velcro. In fact, those may become Vivi’s spring/summer playground kicks.


Pumped Up Toddler Kicks

All the other toddlers with the pumped up kicks you’d better run, better run

How about your toddler? What’s your shoe buying philosophy? The crazier the better is how we roll up in here!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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