Holiday Road-Trips: 10 of the Best Carols to Sing With Your Toddlers!

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So here’s an odd tidbit about me: Carols? They creep me out. Carols. As in going around Christmas caroling door-to-door. I just can’t do it, not sure why. It probably has something to do with the fact that I’m weird. Some of the peeps from the neighborhood are going caroling together this month. Trevor, his guitar, and the kids are joining in. I am not.

I’m staying back at the home base making chili, bannock, eggnog, and hot chocolate for all the cold and hungry carolers to enjoy when they are done. I’ll get my merriment on then, thanks.

But … I love singing choice carols – fun, lighthearted, easy-to-remember songs – with my toddler-age kids. Especially in the car when road-tripping for the holidays. There is, after all, joy riding while looking at light displays, visiting Santa at the mall, and attending school plays and concerts.

All this holiday spirit business and car caroling when we’re out and about is for the kids. Really.

Because, like I said, I don’t like carols.

Yep. Not one bit.

Below are my family’s favorite carols, along with pictures from our outing the evening we went to look at lights around our small town, had dinner at a fancy restaurant, and visited Santa! These songs are easy enough to sing in the car whenever we’re on the road doing something Holiday-centric, (just like the Griswolds!).

What are yours?

  • Classic Carols Ideal for Toddlers… 1 of 11

    Singing songs to toddlers is like waving a magic wand of calm-inducing happiness in their faces. Songs about Santa and all that is merry and bright? Best times ever. (In their eyes). Click through to see our top 10 carols to sing during our holiday family road-trips!

  • Here Comes Santa Claus 2 of 11

    Nothing like building up the anticipation of Santa Claus coming with this magical classic. This is a new one that we're introducing the kids to this year, a favorite from Trev's childhood. Nostalgia, we're all about it.

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!

  • Jingle Bells 3 of 11

    This is currently the kids' favorite and they both have it memorized. They sing it all the time and have asked for it to be included in the bedtime song rotation. They also favor the "Batman Smells" version. I've no idea who taught them that one. OK, yes. It was me, proudly.

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!

  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas 4 of 11

    And a Happy New Year! There are several versions of this song. We're partial to the Disney Santa Buddies version because toddlers love talking and singing dogs, obviously. Who doesn't? This carol has lots of repetition, making it really easy for little kids to memorize and sing along!

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!


  • Deck the Halls 5 of 11

    All those falalalalala's make for good times in the mind of a toddler. Or a grown adult man (Trevor). Not me though, not in the least. This one is fun to sing in silly voices; high, low all over the place! Having fun with carols and not making them all serious is what were all about over here. The picture is of my favorite lit-up homes in our hood, completely decked out!

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!

  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 6 of 11

    Every child's favorite, right? Probably one of the most fun carols to sing with all the shouting and noise-making merriment to be had. Another one that we sang a couple of times in the car!

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!

  • Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow 7 of 11

    Ah, such a romantic carol. Especially when sung by Bing Crosby. In fact, should not all carols be sung by Bing and Bing alone? That's what I used to think before my carol-loving man and his carol-loving family came along (people, they have binder books of carols that they pull out when we gather for the holidays). I've had to since realign my opinions and dare I say that it's become one of my favorites to sing with/for the kids? I mean, for someone who doesn't like carols and all.

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!

  • Holly Jolly Christmas 8 of 11

    This is a rather fun song to sing, isn't it? I mean...I pretend to enjoy it for the kids. The things I sacrifice and do as a mother, I tell ya. We like to get quite silly with this one and sing in different voices, to the kids' utter amusement. We sang this one in the car when we went to the mall to get our annual photo with Santa!

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!

  • Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town 9 of 11

    Oh yeah. Nothing like building up the fear in a toddler that if they don't behave, the mythical Santa monster won't bring them any presents! Therapy-inducing stuff, NOT! We're all about Santa over here, the magic, the glory, the big fat hairy lie, the awesomeness that is Santa.

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!

  • You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch! 10 of 11

    It's taken four years, but Wyndham will finally watch this movie with amusement rather than fear. Which is good because I love this movie and indeed I love this song. Can we call this one a carol? I'm the boss of this slideshow, so I think we can indeed. As luck would have it, that musician man of mine does a mighty fine replication of this song in all of it's deep baritone gloriousness. Of which Wyndham and especially Abby, the high priestess dragon toddler, can mimic quite well. Good times. This would be me with Abby, telling her no Christmas movies 'till after we saw Santa. She wasn't such a fan of that. 

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!

  • Frosty the Snowman 11 of 11

    Retro favorite! We own a box set of Xmas flicks, which includes this movie and the kids love it! Wyndham knows all of the lyrics and Abby is slowly learning them. Nothing but huge grins when we sing this one together, although they always want to watch the movie after, guaranteed. 

    Find the sing-along version with lyrics here!


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