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storage ottoman
The ottoman comes in all sorts of colors from Crate and Barrel

Does your living room look like a playroom? Yeah, so does mine.  I have big dreams of a Mad Men-esque sunken living room with clean lines and solid walnut built-ins, but I think I may have to wait a while for that…perhaps until my next life.

In the meantime, your living room doesn’t have to look like mine. There are simple things you can do to make it look slightly less like a preschool, and also make sure it’s safe enough for the little ones to play.

I’ve compiled a list of tips to help you redecorate that balances toddler function withstyle.

Hey, if you can afford that walnut built-in, I’m sure it would be great for Lego storage!  Check after the jump for more tips…

  • Soft and rounded coffee tables 1 of 10
    Soft and rounded coffee tables
    A coffee table with no harsh corners is key. This one has an added cushioned top, in case your kids like to catapult off the couch like mine do.
    Available on Hayneedle $307.00
  • Eggshell paint 2 of 10
    Eggshell paint
    An eggshell finish is key for "wall art" removal. Whatever you do, don't paint your walls with matte paint. We did and we regret it.
    See Home Depot for this and other colors $27.96
  • Magic Erasers 3 of 10
    Magic Erasers
    These little pads are genius for getting stains off the walls. Make sure you have that eggshell paint, though!
    Buy it on $3.47
  • Leather upholstery 4 of 10
    Leather upholstery
    I don't know what we'd do without our leather couch. The spills that thing has endured...
    Available at Crate and Barrel $3,999
  • Museum Putty 5 of 10
    Museum Putty
    I live in earthquake country so this is a staple here, but it's also great for 'toddler quakes.' Keep your stuff on the shelves!
    Available at Home Depot $3.99
  • Soft ottomans with storage 6 of 10
    Soft ottomans with storage
    This ottoman not only can double as a toy chest, but it has soft corners AND it's leather. Win, win, win!
    Buy at Crate and Barrel $169.00
  • Outdoor fabrics 7 of 10
    Outdoor fabrics
    Bold outdoor fabrics withstand toddler weathering.
    Click here for a huge selection of different outdoor fabric swatches
  • Outdoor rugs 8 of 10
    Outdoor rugs
    Like the outdoor fabric, an outdoor rug will clean up nicely.
    Available on $34.99
  • Scotch guard 9 of 10
    Scotch guard
    When in doubt, spray it with this stuff to keep the stains at a minimum.
    Buy on Walmart $5.33
  • Slip covers 10 of 10
    Slip covers
    If you don't want the chemicals of Scotch Guard and you can't do leather, a washable slip cover like this one will help keep your living room in tip top shape.
    From Bed Bath and Beyond $109.99

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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