Honestly, I'm Not Looking Forward To Potty Training

Around the time your toddler turns two you start to see and hear things about potty training all around you – articles in magazines, blog posts, and other mom’s questions all lead you to feel like you need to get your toddler trained as soon as possible.

Some kids potty train relatively easily.  Those kids don’t happen to be my kids.

My daughter was almost completely trained right before she turned two, but then we hit a major setback where she refused to have anything to do with the potty at all.  She didn’t fully train again ‘til she was almost three.  That was a long and frustrating year of feeling like I had done something wrong, wondering if she would ever learn to use the potty, and, of course, having to continue to change a toddler’s dirty diapers.  There is nothing fun about that!

When I look back at my daughter’s experience, I realize that we made so many of the classic potty training mistakes.  We didn’t have a plan, we were inconsistent, and we probably forced the issue a little too hard – causing her to resist and give up for an extended period of time.

I want to do my best to avoid those mistakes this time around with my son.  My daughter starts preschool in a few weeks, so I’m thinking it might be a good time to start.  He already knows how to use a potty, and will go both #1 and #2 on the potty, but he doesn’t yet understand the urge or tell me when he needs to go.

The issue is really me taking the time to be in tune with his signals and consistent with taking him to the potty for regular breaks.  I think it’s just as important for the parents to be ready for their child to potty train as it is for the child to be ready.  Hopefully potty training my son goes more smoothly than it did with my daughter.

How has your experience been with potty training your toddler?  Do you have a child that trained easily, or did you experience setbacks and frustrations the way we did?

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