Hot Pee and Toddler Fevers

toddler feversYou know your kid is sick when you change their diaper and it is full of hot pee, like their little fevered body was trying to get rid of the extra heat any way it could. Vivi had a pretty epic toddler fever today and with today being my first real day home in almost two weeks I shirked every other responsibility I had and became Vivi’s pillow. The kid isn’t going to want to snuggle with me forever, I’ve missed her terribly and if she wants to spend the entire day in silence with her head on my chest? I’ll take it. I figure if kangaroo care works for tiny newborns it should still work with toddlers too.

I’m in the group of parents who believe low grade fevers to be very good things, I let them run their course without medicinal intervention unless it’s obvious she’s terribly uncomfortable. Cody on the other hand is all about keeping her comfortable no matter what. When the two of us are together and parenting at the same time we have to strike a sort of silent compromise between suggested doses of fever reducing medication and just letting her illness run its course. She’s still chatty as ever, is playing and has had a pretty decent appetite, she has just come back more often for good long snuggles.

When Cody and I were first married he spiked a terribly high fever that landed him in the ER. Before I knew what was really going on I insisted he get in a lukewarm bath to bring the fever down immediately. He insisted the water was ice cold as I argued that it was only slightly above body temperature. I still feel bad about that, but it did bring his fever down low enough I could get him to the ER. With Addie (my first) I panicked a lot more when a fever came around, total first time parent thing. Lots of trips to the pediatrician that yielded “It’s nothing but a virus, it will pass on its own.” With Vivi I know that will be the answer a majority of the time, it’s easier to wait it out at home. Thankfully she’s a snuggler, I can’t imagine having a kid who doesn’t snuggle when they were sick. Today lot of parents admitted that snuggles were the one upside to having a sick kid.

Fevers are one of the few times my kids get juice, I keep a cold one in the fridge just for days like this. There were a lot of cold washcloths switched in and out of the fridge as well as many a crushed ice snack as she sat in my lap and read. I only talked to Dr. Google once today and found this great chart that has you follow yes or no answers in regards to you child’s fever as well as their symptoms. It assured me everything going on with her is normal, let me know what to watch out for and never sent me into a complete panic (which is normally what Dr. Google does to me.)

Hopefully a good night of sleep and a week at home rather than daycare will be just what Dr. Google ordered. Selfishly I’m hoping there are a lot more snuggles in it for me.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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