Hours of Entertainment: Christmas Lights Edition

We all have old Christmas lights hanging around!

Let me tell you… if my parents had the internet, and websites like Pinterest when I was growing up, my forts would have been so much cooler than they were, trust me!

With two little boys that lose interest in stuff quickly, I knew I could rope them in for a couple hours with this project, and it actually is turning into something they don’t want to let out of their sight.

How much did it all cost?


Aren’t those the best projects?

This is perfect for outdoors, or even a rainy day project, and it doesn’t take that long either. The time put in really depends on the amount of detail you want to add.

So what are you going to need?

A cardboard box big enough for your little one to set up shop inside
Tape and Glue (Glue depends on your artistic plans for the box)
String of Christmas Lights
Construction Paper (Depending on if you want to decorate the box)
Markers (Also depending on plans for decorating)

Then you just follow the below steps… all really simple!

When you are done you have a house with ceiling lights, or a bat cave… or whatever their little imagination wants it to be.

  • 1- Materials 1 of 8
    1- Materials
    Gather all your materials before hand, and be sure none of your little helpers walk off with them. I ran out of glue half way through and came back to a... Mess... to say the least!
  • 2- Taping the box 2 of 8
    2- Taping the box
    Tape the box up on one end if the box already isn't taped up.
  • 3- Cut off one flap 3 of 8
    3- Cut off one flap
    You can also cut off both top and bottom flaps, but I left the bottom one so the boys could use it as a "welcome mat". The side flaps we used as doors.
  • 4- Decorate 4 of 8
    4- Decorate
    Camden picked yellow, he wanted his side of the house to be yellow, so I pasted construction paper on the sides, made some grass out of green construction paper, and he can decorate it as he pleases. Repeat on the other sides.
  • 5- Christmas Lights 5 of 8
    5- Christmas Lights
    PLUG THEM IN FIRST! Make sure they work! After I had them plugged in for a whole 10 minutes, half the string burnt out! Now I know why I hate these things!
  • 6- Inserting! 6 of 8
    6- Inserting!
    Slowly, and carefully insert the lights through the cardboard. I suggest using the scissors to poke holes then put them in. If not, you will need a new thumb by the end!
  • 7- Line the top 7 of 8
    7- Line the top
    Line the whole top of the box...
  • 8- Ta Da! 8 of 8
    8- Ta Da!
    Hours of toddler fun!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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