How Do You Get a Toddler to Sit Through Bath Time?

Making it fun!

My oldest son always loved taking a bath and to this day still does. He will also jump in the shower with me and was up quickly with no issue. Then came my middle son – my toddler who hates taking baths.

It is a downright nightmare to get him into the bathroom once he hears the water running. He hasn’t always been like this, but I am still looking back trying to figure out where the hell it all went wrong.

Now I am down to coaxing him into the bathroom with treats, toys, bath crayons or whatever I can do to actually get him into the tub with his brother.

Hell, I even thought having big brother in the tub with him would make it fun… like another opportunity to play. The fact of the matter is it didn’t help at all.

While it is starting to get more tolerable, it still isn’t smooth sailing getting my dirty kid clean. And when I call him the dirty kid… I mean he is like Pigpen from the Peanuts. Within an hour of a bath it looks like I sent him into a mud pit in our backyard and I have yet to figure out how he manages to get dirty like this.

One day I will find his secret stash of filth… one day!

In the mean time I put together my list of tricks and I also reached out to the readers for some advice on making bath time more — easy.

Be ready for a laugh because the readers really dished some jokes!

  • Bath Crayons! 1 of 7
    Bath Crayons!
    This has been a huge help recently in our bath tub experiences. Simply giving them washable bath crayons to decorate your tub while they was works wonders! And several readers also suggested using bath crayons!
    Lifesaver in my eyes!
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  • Foam Bath Letters 2 of 7
    Foam Bath Letters
    While we have not tried them yet... a lot of my readers suggested including them in bath time fun routines. They also are educational so it is like a two for one! They get clean and learn!
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  • Make it Play Time! 3 of 7
    Make it Play Time!
    Toddlers aren't going to WANT to go into the bath if it isn't going to be fun for them! Making it part of play time is key! Get some toys and let them go to town before you actually do the not-fun-at-all washing part!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Make it a Bubble Bath! 4 of 7
    Make it a Bubble Bath!
    Bubbles are fun! Who doesn't love bubble baths? Hell I am an adult and I still love bubble baths!
    Crayola makes an awesome bubble bath that actually turns into colors and makes it a ton of fun for toddlers. Wouldn't you want a colorful bubble bath? Because I know I would!
    Again... making it fun!
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  • Duct Tape and Rope 5 of 7
    Duct Tape and Rope
    This is where the readers started to get hysterical!
    This one was submitted by Jamie and I couldn't help but giggle a little bit, because I am sure it has crossed a lot of our minds more than once when the struggle of bath time comes into play. But all I could think of is... how do you clean UNDER the tape and rope?
    Damn it! That won't work! HAH!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Wash Cloths! 6 of 7
    Wash Cloths!
    Apparently this is something I need to try! Give them a wash cloth to play with and it will help you get through bath time and have some fun. This one was submitted by Jody! Thanks Jody!
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  • Super Glue 7 of 7
    Super Glue
    HAHA! I couldn't help but laugh when Denise submitted this one!
    Super glue the kid in the tub... I wish it would be that easy!
    Photo Credit: Flickr

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