How I Met Your Father

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I think it’s no secret that I am crazy-wild in love with my husband, Doug.  He is a fine piece of man and every day, I count my lucky stars for him.  We met young, married young, but have built a very sweet little life in North Carolina with our tot and pup – and it’s better than I ever imagined.

Doug and I grew up completely different – I grew up in the “big city” of Raleigh, which is the state’s capital.  I went to a high school where my graduating class was somewhere over 300 teenagers strong and kids received cars for their 16th birthday.  Church and extra-curricular activities were the norm; college was simply the assumed path after high school.  Doug grew up in the country, a small town outside of a small town that had one stoplight and all the boys drove pick-up trucks they purchased with their after-school jobs.  Both of his parents worked outside of the home.  He was one of the few in his class to attend a four-year university and graduate.  So when we began dating, it was like night and day!

We have done a lot in our brief six years of marriage – bought a house, got a dog, two pregnancies, one baby, lots of job changes.  We’re not perfect, but I still love him the same way I did almost a decade ago:

  • We met in January 2002 in a Feminist Rhetoric class. 1 of 23
    We met in January 2002 in a Feminist Rhetoric class.
    Doug took the class because he'd had the teacher twice before & knew he could make a good grade; I took the class because it was either that or poetry.
  • Hey, you’re really smart. Do you want to be in my group? 2 of 23
    Hey, you're really smart. Do you want to be in my group?
    Those are the first words he ever said to me. I thought he was shorter than me, with red hair & funny sandals. He thought I was opinionated.
  • Just friends, we swear! 3 of 23
    Just friends, we swear!
    I was dating my high school boyfriend, he was in a serious relationship. We stayed close through several class projects & over AIM.
  • Getting closer… 4 of 23
    Getting closer...
    One day outside of the business building, I saw him & for the first time in our friendship, we hugged. I felt tingles all the way down to my toes. A week later, we went out to dinner "as friends."
  • First Date. 5 of 23
    First Date.
    Doug picked me up in his black pickup truck & took me to O'Charley's where he had soup & I ate chicken fingers. I wore jeans with a aqua tshirt & a khaki blazer over it.
  • First Kiss 6 of 23
    First Kiss
    April 22, 2004. He had spent the night in my dorm room after celebrating his impending graduation the night before. That morning, he leaned over & kissed me for the first time. I said "I thought you were never going to get around to that!"
  • Okay, okay…we’re dating! 7 of 23
    Okay, okay...we're dating!
    After trying to deny it for a long time, we finally just admitted that we were crazy for each other. Doug told me that he loved me one afternoon in July.
  • The summer of 2004. 8 of 23
    The summer of 2004.
    Doug ran a golf course & we spent almost every weekend together on the course. I would drive over after summer classes as he wrapped up the day. Every time I hear Kenny Chesney's song "I Go Back," I think of the times I drove the highway to Doug's work.
  • By Christmas, we knew. 9 of 23
    By Christmas, we knew.
    When you know, you know. You know? Sitting by the fire & reading The Polar Express with him, my head on his shoulder...& I just KNEW this was the man I would be with for the rest of my life.
  • Our first Christmas together in 2004. 10 of 23
    Our first Christmas together in 2004.
    Doug came for Christmas the first year we dated, which was unheard of in our family. He also came to Easter, my birthday, & our beach vacation.
  • Don’t marry me…yet. 11 of 23
    Don't marry me...yet.
    He bought my engagement ring sometime in the spring of 2005, but I begged him not to give it to me. I was spending the summer in the mountains on the Apalachian Trail, away from him for 3 months. I couldn't bear to be engaged & separated, so he waited with it in his pocket until I returned.
  • He liked it, so he put a ring on it. 12 of 23
    He liked it, so he put a ring on it.
    In August 2005, he got down on one knee on the beach & asked me to be his wife. Nothing could contain our joy.
  • Cake to the face! 13 of 23
    Cake to the face!
    We had a typical Southern Baptist reception with no alcohol & a delicious lemon & buttercream cake. Yep. Put it right to the face-parts.
  • We honeymooned in St. Lucia 14 of 23
    We honeymooned in St. Lucia
    At 5:30am the morning after we married, we boarded a plane to St. Lucia & spent an entire week in the sunshine. (p.s. I doubt I'll ever get that bikini body back!)
  • Adoptive Parents 15 of 23
    Adoptive Parents
    We adopted Tuck in October 2006 from the local animal shelter. She's a German Shepherd/Collie mix & our first baby.
  • Our First Married Christmas 16 of 23
    Our First Married Christmas
    Doug started the tradition of putting a Tiffany box at the bottom of my stocking. I wouldn't ever be disappointed if it wasn't there one year, but it is so exciting to see what he's picked out. He has great taste in jewelry.
  • In 2007, we bought our house. 17 of 23
    In 2007, we bought our house.
    We've learned a lot in this little house.
  • First Anniversary! 18 of 23
    First Anniversary!
    They say the first year is the hardest, but we had a blast. It was so much fun moving in together, setting up our home, learning to cook & live together.
  • The DINK years! 19 of 23
    The DINK years!
    We took an impulsive beach trip down to Emerald Isle where we were engaged with some friends. Sleeping on a pull-out couch & making a mix on the iPod for the road.
  • Weathering the storm. 20 of 23
    Weathering the storm.
    We celebrated Halloween & my first pregnancy as KFed & Britney, but I miscarried our baby a month later. We were heartbroken.
  • Baby on the way… 21 of 23
    Baby on the way...
    Expecting Harrison - one of the happiest, most exciting times in our lives.
  • Our first year as parents. 22 of 23
    Our first year as parents.
    This was the hardest year of our marriage. I suffered from deep postpartum depression & Doug was my rock through the entire ordeal. His devotion & patience with me was the purest form of love.
  • To the future. 23 of 23
    To the future.
    Almost six years under our belt, one little boy, a lifetime ahead of us.


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