How Much House Does A Toddler Need?

With our house for sale and a rambunctious two-year-old boy, we are starting to think hard about what kind of house we will purchase next.  Right now, we live in a modest 1600 square foot home that is very attractive with three bedrooms and a bonus loft and one car garage.  It has been a perfect “starter” home for us and I think if it were located closer to work, we would easily be able to stay here for a few more years and one more baby.

We’d rather move into a “forever” house rather than battle the market and packing again, but when we pile together a list of wants and wishes, it seems to add up to a HUGE house.  We would like three bedrooms minimum, although four would be best so we can have two kids and a guest room since my husband’s family lives out of town.  A few “must haves” that we are missing in our current house include a linen closet and an attic and a playroom.  I would love a mud room and a bigger kitchen.  I’m finding that if I’m going to keep working from home even close to full time, I would really love an office with a desk and light so that I’m not locking myself in the master bedroom with my laptop while my toddler beats on the door.

Then I wonder…do we really need that much space?

Do I really want to clean that much space?

The train table and toy boxes and play tents that belong to the toddler already take up so much space in our home.  We have an entire bookcase dedicated to children’s books.  Then I think of the baby gear, like swings and pack n’ plays that come along with an infant and I think “where will we put everything?!”   Then I remember that the gear isn’t always necessary, that it’s just a small season in life.

Because really, we’re doing just fine in our 1600 square feet.  It would probably be a little cramped with another kid, but that would force us outside more often.  If we need space for a guest, we could invest in a pull-out couch rather than an entire room that might be used a few times per year.  As far as a home office, I could just learn to work better at the kitchen table.

Do you wish you had more space with your toddler?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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