How Old Is Too Old To Bathe Together?

Its like playtime... in the tub

There are such thin lines when it comes to nudity and bathing in our society today, so it is really hard as a parent to grasp and understand what should and shouldn’t be considered crossing a line.

You would think that if you’re okay bathing with your children and your partner/co-parent is okay with it… it should fly right?

Our two toddlers are boys, so clearly they have the same equipment. For a while, especially while I was pregnant with our daughter, I would just get in the tub with them one at a time because honestly… it was easiest.   I simply couldn’t lean over the tub with my giant belly in the way.

But now that the boys are getting older, they are starting to realize that clearly we all have different parts. Whether they look at me and wonder why I have breasts and no penis (their words not mine!) or even just noticing the little differences between themselves, I have started to wonder when I should split up bath time. Not just split the boys up, but have their little sister take a bath of her own as well.

It’s so much easier to bathe them all at the same time! One shot and as they each finish, I hand them off to my husband in a towel for him to dry and dress. Almost like an assembly line.  It works!

And honestly, it seems like everyone else in the world are the ones with the nudity hang up. I would rather have my sons know the correct anatomical terms for penis and vagina, instead of them using slang terms like winkie or whatever else kids and parents can come up with these days.

If I don’t have a problem with it… we should just keep doing what works best for us, right?   I can only hope if I keep this up that I will be able to raise children who are a little bit more tolerate of differences.  I mean seriously, nudity really isn’t that big of a deal, and the less we freak out over it, the better off we may be!

What do you think?
Is there an age limit you put on bathing with your children or allowing them to bathe together?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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