How This Texas Toddler Dresses for a Snow Day

texan toddlerTexans just aren’t acclimated to the snow. At least most of us south of the panhandle. Snow is a huge thing here. Sure, some of you dread it – but here the world stops to embrace the white fluff.  People head to the store to “stock up” on bread, water and milk. Businesses and schools close in anticipation. And the roads? Don’t even get me started. Stay off the roads, even if you are use to driving in this stuff – it’s those of us who are from here that have no idea how vehicles and snow/ice work.

On Christmas afternoon, we received a thick blanket of this cold, wet, white stuff. Seeing that we are LUCKY to get snow once a year (we typically just get ice around these parts), we had to get the kids outside to experience it.

Here’s the thing. Us Texas folk, we wear shorts until November and flip flops until December. My kids wear jeans for 3 or so months. That’s it. Snow clothes, HA!  We make do with what we got. Getting my toddler dressed for snow was quite humorous.

dressing for winter in texas

The gloves are magic cotton gloves. Meaning they will grow and shrink and well are by no means waterproof. It’s all we have people.

Boots? How about those cowboy boots he just got for Christmas.

Hat? Thankfully his coat has one.

Pants? Oh that’s just his Christmas PJ’s, a union suit.

Pitiful. Oh well. Fun was had, no frostbite and he sure looked cute.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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