How to Be an Awesome Toddler Mom Employer

I work for the best company in the world and I’m not saying that to brag. I’m saying it because it’s a fact. (I mean, a tiny brag because why not? I know I’m plain ol’ lucky to be there.) I’ve been at SAS for almost a year now under contract and while I don’t get full “claim” to the benefits of the company, I do still get a ton of perks.

Like today, when my son is sick and there is no sick leave, I simply stay home with him and log in when I can.

Or how I get to train and run on the trails that weave throughout campus.

Or the nutritious, farm-to-fork salads I eat for lunch alongside gourmet soups and freshly baked bread.

I have loved this past year at SAS and have learned so much for my career, but also about what it takes to be an amazing employer to parents. There is such value in treating employees like they matter, giving them the responsibility of the company, and seeing their loyalty in return. SAS also keeps amazing measures in place to make the transition for moms easier – lactation consultants, nursing rooms, on-site daycare – and it keeps smart, valuable parents in the work place.

Here’s a run-down of the perks and benefits that make it the best company in the world for parents:

  • On-campus cafes 1 of 11
    On-campus cafes
    It's genius, really - provide nutritious, yummy food at a subsidized cost. It keeps your staff healthy & on-campus & eating together, creating relationships outside of work tasks. I LOVE being able to grab a soup & salad in the afternoon while chatting with coworkers. Most of the menu is farm-to-fork, organic, & there's a huge gluten-free menu.
  • Exercise programs 2 of 11
    Exercise programs
    My employer is great at encouraging exercise, with on-campus trails and gyms and fitness classes. It's easy to get a workout in over lunch or at the beginning or end of the day versus wondering how to muster the energy at 8pm after the kids are in bed.
  • Work-life balance 3 of 11
    Work-life balance
    All of this leads to an amazing work-life balance that allows the employees to feel appreciated in their job & loyal to the company. WIN!
  • Technology 4 of 11
    We are able to have email on our phones, connect our tablets, & have VPN access. It keeps us connected to our job, but that connection allows flexibility.
  • On-site daycare 5 of 11
    On-site daycare
    It's a Montessori structure, giving parents the ability to float in and out throughout the day. So nice knowing your small one is only a few blocks away on campus! It's just one more way that parents are encouraged to stay in the work force.
  • Continuing education 6 of 11
    Continuing education
    Feel like learning something new? A skill or an idea? Perfect! Learning is encouraged in on-campus seminars, training, and school subsidy.
  • Respect for parents 7 of 11
    Respect for parents
    Family comes first, whether it's a doctor's appointment or ballet recital. There is no guilt in ducking out early to attend to a child. The gratitude employees feel for this perk means they're more likely to log back in after the recital to make sure everything is still running smoothly.
  • Casual dress 8 of 11
    Casual dress
    After years of hosiery and heels in the office, it is so nice to wear jeans and flats. Especially when doing daycare drop-off! And I can easy go to the park after work!
  • Staying green 9 of 11
    Staying green
    There's very little paperwork in my job, along with cafes supporting local farms for produce. There's even premium parking for folks who drive hybrids as incentive against gas-guzzlers! It's nice to know that for such a large company, they do their best to be environmentally friendly.
  • Programs for nursing moms 10 of 11
    Programs for nursing moms
    The lactation rooms are fit with wi-fi & comfortable seating & snacks, plus on-staff lactation consultants. It helps new moms feel appreciated & welcomed back to the office, plus helping a smoother transition for both mom & baby. It helps keep valuable women in the work force after they become moms!
  • Winter break 11 of 11
    Winter break
    My son's daycare closes for the week of Christmas and anywhere else, I'd cut into our family vacation days to stay home over the holidays with him, or pay someone to stay with him. At my company, they shut everything down for the week, giving staff time at home with their families and releiving the burden of childcare.

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