How To Deal With Too Many Toys?

Now that it’s December and the countdown to Christmas is on, a worrisome thought has been lingering in my mind. How many toys is too many?

Our house has been a little chaotic recently. With being in my first trimester of pregnancy it’s been hard for me to keep up with cleaning up after the kids (because we all know they don’t do it themselves!), and we’ve had toys all over the place. It’s made me feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff my kids have, and I know there will be more coming in as Christmas gifts.

How do you deal with toy overload?

Even though our family uses the three present rule that Danielle described, at least one of those gifts will most likely be some kind of toy for each of them, and this year we are also letting them each select a gift to give the other one, and I’m sure they’ll choose to give each other toys, and then there’s our extended family who love our kids and like to give them fun things to play with, so were looking at the possibility of more than a few new toys coming into our house in just a few weeks.

I’m definitely feeling the need to scale back on the toys we currently have before Christmas comes. Or at least get them better organized and back into a system where they are more controlled and less overwhelming.

I really like the rule of one new toy in, one old toy out, for keeping toys under control, but, this month is always crazy busy and full of stuff to do, so I’m not sure when I’m actually going to be able to go through and clean out their current toy collection.

I do recognize though that this is a good time to do it, I think my kids will be more receptive to letting go of some of their unused toys if they know they will most likely be replaced with new ones in just a few weeks. It’s also a good time of year to find a local charity to donate the toys too, which provides an opportunity for my kids to learn about sharing with others.

Now to just find the time to do it!

How do you deal with too many toys at your house?  Do you purge and clean out old toys around a birthday or the holidays when you know new ones will be coming in?

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