How to Get More Use Out of Your Toddler's T-shirts

So it’s been really hot here in Indiana lately. As in, almost 100 degrees on Sunday, hot. HOT! And I realized this past weekend, with all the hot weather, that my son does not have enough summer clothes.

It seems like he goes through at least two or three outfits per day because of playing in the dirt, potty-training accidents, and just because he likes to change his clothes, so I need to have a few more pairs of shorts and t-shirts on hand.

So, I decided to make use of some of his winter t-shirts that still fit him. I really love this project because it is so fast, easy, frugal and green!

I just cut out the sleeves from a few layered style t-shirts to convert them from long-sleeved to short-sleeved t-shirts. Instant short-sleeve shirts that didn’t cost me a penny! And really, it seems like the sleeves on shirts like this always get really stained and  worn-out anyway, so you might as well cut them off!

Simply take a long-sleeved layered style shirt, turn it inside out, and cut along the seam where the long-sleeve material meets the short-sleeve material. You’ll also have to make one cut across the actual seam, to get all the material off.

I now have three “new” t-shirts for my son to wear this summer!

Do you have any tricks for stretching your toddler’s wardrobe through different seasons?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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