How to Keep Your Toddler Quiet at the Grocery Store

toddler quiet grocery storeGrocery shopping, I love you…. when I am alone. Kidless grocery shopping involves a well planned out trip to the store. I buy what we need and follow my list only picking up a few extra things. No big deal. I get to listen to NPR on the way to and from the store. Birds are singing even in the most dreadful weather and life is just grand. Who cares if the task is mundane, the kidless time is worth the work.

The chance to go kidless to the grocery store only happens about once a month for me. With 4 kids, we are in a constant state of divide and conquer. After pleading and reasoning, my last few trips have had me only toting along 1 child, which is manageable (but still far from the bliss of kidless).

Kid grocery shopping is hell. It’s like there is something that possesses the kids as soon as we pull into a grocery store parking lot. It’s the bickering, cries, screaming and doing anything and everything that is embarassing. The looks from the other shoppers that are either feeling terrible for me, or are peeved to have such chaos in the store. Throw in a kid or 4 and not only does my grocery bill go up tremendously, but so does my level of impatience.

Last weekend, I only had 1 toddler with me and I had a set amount of time to get the job done. There was no time for toddler non-sense. On my way to the store, it’s like God spoke to me. “Molly, if you want to maintain sweet peace at the grocery store…. quiet your child.” BUT HOW GOD? “Use the force, Molly.” Okay, so it didn’t quite happen as such, but I did find a sweet way to bribe the kid.

From now on, I am making sure the kid(s) have a sucker in their mouth before grocery shopping. Yeah, yeah, I KNOW. Rewarding your child before he’s actually good. Giving your child sugar (I know, totally giving my kid diabetes – he rarely gets suckers). Desperate times call for desperate measures, and well… in the grocery store I am desperate.

All of my shopping was completed in a timely matter, under budget with not a single temper tantrum. My sugar’d child waved at all the customers in the store, but couldn’t talk because he had business to be done as well (you know, suckers are hard work).

Bribery. Sugar. I’m not above any of it when it comes to maintaining peace. I’ll be buying a bag of suckers to hide in the car from now on for any shopping tricks.

That’s How I Keep My Toddler Quiet in the Grocery Store – What Tricks Worth For You??

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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