How to Make a Toddler’s BooBoos Better

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Toddlers can be little tornadoes, running around, under, and over everything around them. My two-year-old is adorable, but her coordination and balance are not where they will (hopefully) be when she is older. Add in adult-sized furniture (table corners at exactly the wrong height) and her desire to wear shoes that are about 10 sizes too big (her sisters) or 20 sizes too big (mine), and you will understand why she gets her fair share of booboos.

Here’s what we do to soothe her when she’s taken a tumble or gets a bruise:

  • “Brush off!” If she just trips over her feet or something and falls down but it doesn’t seem too    serious, we’ll just say, “Upsie daisy! Brush off!” And usually she will do just that and go on her merry way. Attitude can make a big difference.
  • Distraction: Any parent of toddlers knows that distraction is a potent tool in the parenting trick bag. If the booboo is minor, a distraction in the form of reading a book or pointing out the birds on the bird feeder can be enough to take their mind off of it.
  • Kisses and Cuddles: Of course.
  • Band-Aids: Sure, kisses may make it better, but there is nothing like a band-aid to take care of the problem. Especially if the band-aid in question has Hello Kitty or some other colorful character or design on it. Plain Jane band-aids just don’t do the trick quite as well.
  • Boo-Boo Bunny:  The second either of my girls gets a bump or bruise, they ask for the boo-boo bunny or the Hello Kitty cold pack from the freezer. They’ll hold it to their heads for a few minutes until they are ready to start playing again.
  • Chamomile Tablets: Chamomile is known to calm people big and little. We brew chamomile tea in the evenings to encourage slowing down before bedtime. We also use Homeopathic Chamomilla in tiny tablet form (much like the Hylands teething tablets) to help the girls calm down, especially if they are crying. They really help (the tears often stop instantly), although I don’t know if it’s the chamomile or the fact that they taste like tiny candies.

How about you? Do you have any toddler owie-soothing tips to add? What works best in your family?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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