How to Make and Keep Mom Friends

ways to make and keep friends as a momDisclaimer: I have an amazing group of girlfriends and I know how rare it is. I can be a great friend but I can also be a really crappy friend and I am blessed with friends that extend grace. Friendships are one of those things that require work and love and learning but are oh-so-worth-it.

My girlfriends and I come from different areas of life. Some are right here in my hometown on the East Coast, others live in California. Some remember what I looked like when I walked the high school halls, others only know me through Skype. There are friends that I’ve lost touch with and friends that I see on a weekly basis.

Time with my girlfriends is what makes my heart feel feminine again in a household of testosterone.  In our comisseration of the day’s stresses, we remind each other to count blessings.  My girlfriends show me that I am loved for my heart, not just my ability to wipe runny noses or make a mean meatloaf. They inspire me to be funny, to laugh, to care outside of my own little family, where I can get so wrapped up in the selfishness of our days.

After almost thirty years of living and loving my girlfriends, of knowing how important they are to my soul, here are some of the ways we maintain our friendships through the craziness of life:

Do you have any tips for making and maintaining friendships?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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