How To Overcome a Final Obstacle To Potty Training

My son spent the weekend using the potty at home without any accidents. He would even get up from playing, without being reminded, and run to the potty when he had to pee. Once, I was sitting at the table, and I looked up and thought, “Where’s Bren?” When I called to him he answered from the bathroom, “I’m going potty!” Wow! That is music to a toddler parent’s ears!

And when he had to poop he would tell us and we would go with him and help him get settled, and then he would announce, “I need my privacy!” So we’d let him do his thing until he needed help being wiped. It was a great weekend of only having to change a few diapers at home before and after nap time and bedtime, and when we went out of the house.

So, you would assume that my son is basically potty trained right?

Well, yes, I guess. Except for one minor thing.

He wasn’t wearing any pants or underwear while we were at home.

Yep, that’s right, we let him run around half naked all weekend and he used the potty without any issue.

But, now the problem is, how do we get him to continue to use the potty without accidents while he’s actually wearing underwear and pants?

Because while he’ll use the potty regularly and consistently as long as there’s nothing covering his bum, as soon as you put underwear on him, he’ll pee in them like 5 minutes later.  Even if he just went to the bathroom.

He can consistently hold it for an hour or more, but for some reason, feeling that cloth against his skin makes him feel like he’s wearing a diaper, or something, so he doesn’t remember to go to the potty. But, obviously, I can’t let the kid run around naked forever just so he’ll use the potty, and I definitely can’t take him in public that way.

We had the exact same issue with my daughter, I trained her that way on purpose thinking that it would be easier, and she was pretty much potty trained by about 22 months, but as soon as we tried to cover up her bum, it all went downhill and she regressed to the point where she didn’t end up fully potty training until she was almost three years old — practically a whole year later!  That was NOT a fun year of changing diapers.

At just 2 1/2 I know my son is young for potty training, especially for a boy. And this weekend was kind of an accident. We didn’t really plan to let him run around naked all weekend, and we definitely didn’t expect that he would actually use the potty without any accidents. But once he went the whole morning on Saturday without an accident, we just wanted to see how well he could do.

So, now I know that he can physically do it, if he wants to. It’s just a matter of teaching him to use the potty even when he’s wearing underwear and pants. And that just makes me really want to get him over this final hurdle so we can put the diapers behind us for good. (Or at least for 6 months until the next baby comes!)

The truth is that diapers are expensive, and toddler diapers are so gross to change! I would be more than happy to be done with the diaper stage and move onto the potty stage, but I honestly just don’t know how to make the transition from naked bum to underwear and pants.

Have you potty trained your toddlers by letting them run around naked? How do you make the transition to them wearing underwear and pants without accidents? Any tips or advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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