How to Plan Girls Night Out (Despite Being A Busy Mom)

girls night out ideas and tipsAs a busy mom, I know how hard it is to carve out time for yourself.  And at the same time, everywhere you look, people are telling you to be happier, friendlier, popular, skinny, glamorous…whew, moms just can’t catch a break past raising our kids to adulthood anymore! But it is SO IMPORTANT for moms to make time for ourselves, to take care of ourselves and our relationships.  As I’ve said before, I am a big fan of girlfriends and having female friendships as a way to balance me as a mother and woman.

The best tip for planning Girls Night Out: Start a private Facebook group.  This way it’s all in private, but you can discuss freely what dates, times, locations work. People can RSVP. If they forget last minute, they can pull up Facebook and remember the restaurant location. This is how me and my girlfriends do it and it has worked beautifully for well over a year. The best part is that someone will pop in and say, “Hey! It’s been two months! Let’s plan something” and the conversation starts all in one place.

Here’s some ideas for what we do for Girls Night Out that fits well with our schedules:

  • Learn a new skill from each other 1 of 11
    Learn a new skill from each other
    Have a friend that is an excellent photographer? (I do!) Or a good cook? (one of those, too!) Have them teach the basics of their skill.
  • Grab a cup of coffee 2 of 11
    Grab a cup of coffee
    The simplest of GNO. Whoever can show up shows up. No reservations or fancy clothes needed, just yoga pants & good conversation.
  • Do charity work together 3 of 11
    Do charity work together
    Do a 5K in tutus through NYC or March for Dimes. Volunteer at an animal shelter together.
  • Go to weddings together 4 of 11
    Go to weddings together
    I love having my husband at weddings but the ones with my sorority sisters are just as fun. We dance and toast and sometimes it's just fun to have a party without the dudes.
  • Have dinner and drinks 5 of 11
    Have dinner and drinks
    The stereotypical one, which usually requires more planning than you'd think. Make a reservation and have one person show up at least a few minutes early to claim that reservation.
  • Be ladies who lunch 6 of 11
    Be ladies who lunch
    Dinner too crazy of a time? Use your lunch break to catch up! Or naptime on the weekends.
  • Party like rockstars 7 of 11
    Party like rockstars
    Host a tacky sweater party with cheap wine or go out dancing or enter a karaoke contest or play trivia. Just do something unexpected!
  • Use playdates as mom dates 8 of 11
    Use playdates as mom dates
    Become friends with the moms of your little one's friends. It's that easy (and sometimes that hard!). Go on playdates where the kids can run wild and you can chat.
  • Art or cooking classes 9 of 11
    Art or cooking classes
    Take a wine & paint class or a pottery class together. Get your hands dirty! Also great, those places where you fix a week's worth of dinner with your friends.
  • Go on a photoshoot 10 of 11
    Go on a photoshoot
    Grab your fancy cameras and go have fun. Use props, be silly, try new lighting.
  • Attend local boutique events 11 of 11
    Attend local boutique events
    Find out what's happening locally and show up! Usually boutiques open with the artists and wine and it's a great time to browse.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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