5 Ways to Raise a Toddler Without Breaking the Bank

raising toddlers on a dimeThis Christmas I realized the wastefulness that the holiday brings. I look at our toy room and it’s overloaded with toys, which only a few are played with. The kids closets are full of clothes, take it mostly hand me downs, but still – we are blessed. What does a child REALLY need to live? Does he need the plethora of toys to be educated? Does keeping up with the latest fashion trends really help your toddler when it comes to his well being – or his Mother’s?

Our society is so stuck on the material. I am guilty of it, and chances are you are too. Not that it’s all that bad, I had a 10+ year career in marketing, so I can’t totally hate it…but really – how is it HELPING our kids (other than being totally tech savvy)?

The US isn’t the only place where materialism reigns. Meet Hattie from Free Our Kids. She lives in the UK and is attempting to not spend a penny extra on her toddler this year. The further I thought about this, my mind keeps spinning on how with all of the resources around us – that is actually DOABLE. Not saying that I am trying, but I think there are some lessons in here that we can all learn from. Building on from how Hattie is doing it, here are a few practical solutions to not spending excess money on your toddler.

Here are 5 Ways to Raise a Toddler Without Breaking the Bank:

Of course, there is always one thing or another that gets in the way when you try to save. There is illness, crazy daycare expenses and what have you. All that said, cutting expenses on unnecessary stuff is something to contemplate when it comes to raising your child.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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