How to Spend a Snow Day With a Toddler Who Hates Snow

How To Spend a Snow Day With a Toddler Who Hates SnowThe first time my daughter saw snow was right before her first birthday, and it was sweet and magical. She was happily intrigued by the fluffy, cold, white stuff and plenty of adorable photos ensued.

Fast forward to this past week when Portland, Oregon experienced a “snowmageddon” and my daughter got to experience the snow once again as a toddler.

Her verdict: not a fan.

We talked it up ahead of time and bundled her up to have a fun time, but each trip outside lasted no longer than 10 minutes and ended in tears (as you can see here). By the end of three snowy days, I think she had warmed up to the idea of snow a tiny bit and we got her outside for 20 tear-free minutes, which is a total victory in my book. I’m pretty sure it still wasn’t her favorite though.

I’ve heard that there are plenty of other toddlers out there who aren’t snow lovers themselves, so I thought I’d share a few of our fun, indoor snow day activities. Perfect for your snow-hating toddler.

How To Spend a Snow Day With a Toddler Who Hates Snow:

1. Bake

Toddlers love baking, and if you’re stuck inside you might as well make a tasty mess together. Nothing says “snow day” like warm chocolate chip cookies and milk!

2. Bring the snow in

I think the main thing little ones dislike about the snow is the cold factor, but if you bring the snow indoors it solves the problem!  I filled up a tub that we use for sensory play with some snow and then added cups, spoons and fun little animals to the mix. My daughter had a blast playing in the snow… inside.

3. Make snow cones or slushies

We scooped some fresh snow into cups and added a fruit puree to make fruit slushies, and my little one LOVED it! For one of our other snow days we added a teeny, tiny bit of lemonade to snow and enjoyed lemonade slushies. I’m pretty sure that was Fern’s favorite snow day activity.

4. Paint some snow

Set up some art supplies at a table near the window and let your little one draw the snowscape they are seeing. You can also add in other fun “snowy” art supplies like cotton balls, Q-tips, glitter and let them go wild.

5. Read books about snow

My daughter did actually like the snow from afar and we talked about it a bunch. She wanted to go sit by the window multiple times a day just to watch it fall. So, one way we made our snow day fun was to read wintry/snow-themed books while we watched the snow fall outside. It got her into the spirit without having to leave the warmth of our living room.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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