How to Throw a Toddler Birthday Party for Under $125

This past weekend we celebrated my son Izaiah’s third birthday with a party. We have four kids with birthdays in March, April, May, and then August. Our spring months are super busy, and well they’re also very expensive. A few years back after spending close to a $1,000 on a birthday party, I became sick thinking about the money I had just wasted. At that time, we only had two kids, now that we have four – that isn’t even an option.

As birthday party time rolls around, we do things quick and on the cheap. Our kids, especially the toddlers who could care less about the fluff, really just want presents and cake. Of course, mom wants it to look cute and we make sure to do that too, but not by going overboard on spending.

So come into my world and learn how to throw a toddler birthday party for under $125!

  • How to Throw a Birthday Party on the Cheap 1 of 8
    Don't want to spend a ton of money but still want to celebrate your toddler's birthday? Learn how to throw a party (with dinner!) for under $125!
  • Invitations 2 of 8
    Thanks to evite, the invitations were FREE!
  • Decorations & Tableware 3 of 8
    Hit up the dollar tree for decorations and tableware
    Plates, napkins, cups & plastic utensils - $10
    Banner pendants, balloons, birthday signs & table cloths - $10
  • Dinner for 26 guests 4 of 8
    Make a taco bar! Here is how much I spent:
    Ground beef: $10
    Black beans: $2
    Cheese: $5
    Tortillas: $5
    Taco condiments - $10
    Chips, dip, etc: $10
    Drinks: $10
  • Cake & Dessert 5 of 8
    30 cupcakes with superhero rings on top at Sams Club - $14
    Box of cookies - $5
    Ice cream = $5
  • Party Activity 6 of 8
    The kids all knew each other and play well together. We had our bounce house up indoors which kept the kids plenty busy.
    Bounce house (bought a year ago and use regularly) - Free

    Check prices on Craigslist if you are in the market for renting a bounce house.
  • Party Favors 7 of 8
    The party theme was super hero, so appropriately we gave out capes!
    I found superhero capes at Target for $1.54 on clearance. I also picked up a few tiaras at the Dollar Tree for any princesses.
    10 capes: $15.40
    5 tiaras: $5.00
    If you can't find any superhero capes at Target, check out Amazon.
  • Recap 8 of 8
    And the grand total from all of the above? $116.40
    Was the party the fanciest? No. Did it fulfill the purpose and make one little 3-year old EXTREMELY happy? Yes. Done! Now only 3 more parties this year and we will be done.

You can save even more by not including dinner or inviting less people. After throwing the last several birthday parties on the cheap, I can most definitely say it’s worth saving the money on the parties!

(If you haven’t read How to Throw a Low Stress Last Minute Birthday Party for Your Toddler, check it out)

How Do You Save on Birthday Parties?

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