How-To: Toddler Body Tracing Art

Getting StartedToddlers’ brains are amazing. Parents talk/joke a lot about the challenges of raising toddlers — their annoying mood-swings and the constant hands-on “maintenance” they require. They’re way more work than houseplants, that’s for sure.

So I’d like to take a moment to proclaim (loudly) the immense joy and brilliant execution of imagination that toddlers possess — far better than the average adult. “Kids really have the market cornered on finding fun and joy in just about everything,” a good friend commented to me the other day on Facebook.

And she’s right, which is precisely why they are made so dang cute —to gloss over all of the less than desirable behaviors and bodily functions that get thrown at us (literally and figuratively speaking). The cuteness, near-constant amusement, natural ability to entertain and beguile, and innocent perspective is what makes parenting a toddler (to me) so intoxicating and rewarding — even when they are driving me bonkers.

It’s afternoons when I take some time to set up and engage in new activities with my little ones that the opportunity for better understanding of the way they see the world/learn really arises. Such was the case last week when I set up some toddler body tracing art for my son and one of his friends during their after-school playdate.

This was an easy and fun project that you don’t need to be Pinterest-crazed to actually make happen. All you need is some brown butcher paper (the big rolls), some markers and paints (water, paper towels, and brushes), and a toddler or two with wild imaginations and a love for art! Oh and perhaps a big plastic drop-sheet (I get them from the dollar store) to protect your floors. Now that the nice weather is here (if you’re like me and bidding adieu to the winter), this is a great outside activity, too.

Instructions: Lay your toddler(s) down on a long length of the butcher paper from head to toe. Trace around their body and let them have at it! Lots of giggles will ensue, but you’ll be surprised with how still they stay. Wyndham and his friend were totally engrossed and smitten by the process.

One might consider leaving a toddler to their own artistic devices to have a possible downside effect. I, however, do not. This is anatomy 101, according to a toddler, and I personally was highly amused with the end results. Definitely one for the art wall!

Toddler Body Tracing Art
You don’t have to be an art aficionado to discern what my guy painted down there. As he innocently described to me, “It’s my penis peeing mama!” He was so proud, who was I to rain on his parade? And really, why would I? He was exactly right and his accuracy and artistic vision is fabulous. I love how big his heart is. Again — totally true.

Anatomy 101: According to a Toddler


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