How We Potty Trained Our Toddler, Or How He Learned Himself (You Decide).

toddler in a sombreroNow that we haven’t touched a diaper or pull-up for our oldest child for almost a month, it’s hard to remember what I was afraid of back when the daunting task of potty training loomed ahead. I think it’s just like anything in parenting. It seems scary, and then you just do it. Then you’re not afraid anymore, most of the time.

I’ve assembled a little slideshow of the play-by-play of Shnook’s potty training. If you count the initial book reading phase, the whole process lasted a little under a year. However the “hard” part was probably closer to four months. Hope this helps or inspires you with your toddler. Just remember, every kid is different. What worked for my kid might not work for yours. I say he trained himself because none of this would have worked if he wasn’t ready.

  • Someone Bought Us A Potty Book 1 of 10
    Someone Bought Us A Potty Book
    This is a cute rhyming book for boys.Click here to buy. $5.95
  • Potty book obsession 2 of 10
    Potty book obsession
    We started reading the potty book around the time the Shnook was 18 months old. Miraculously, he was obsessed with it and wanted to read it dozens of times in a row.
  • I bought him a potty chair…because he seemed interested. 3 of 10
    I bought him a potty chair...because he seemed interested.
  • He wasn’t. But he liked toilets. 4 of 10
    He wasn't. But he liked toilets.
    He became obsessed with flushing the toilet. If you accidentally flushed the toilet on your own, a tantrum ensued. This would've been a great time to watch THIS VIDEO.
  • So we bought this seat instead. 5 of 10
    So we bought this seat instead.
  • We sat and waited…and waited. 6 of 10
    We sat and waited...and waited.
    But nothing happened.
  • Then, success! 7 of 10
    Then, success!
    Almost exactly at age two, Shnook pooped on the potty for the first time. This was achieved with a little coaxing/bribing from Daddy with some youtube videos on buses, boats and planes. Somehow this felt better than m&m's, but you do what you gotta do.
  • That’s when we bought underpants! 8 of 10
    That's when we bought underpants!
    He picked them out...just like in the potty book we read. He liked that. Click here to buy. $14.95
  • We ran around in undies. 9 of 10
    We ran around in undies.
    At home he wanted to "run around in undies" all the time. He had to "run around in undies" for at least an hour before we could get him to put on his clothes. During this "run around in undies" period, he became pee- trained (after several accidents).
  • Now he’s a diaper-free big boy… 10 of 10
    Now he's a diaper-free big boy...
    who is also trained at night! Whoop! One down, one to go!

Photo Credit: Toilet Seat by Secretlondon123


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