How Young is Too Young for Bunk Beds?

Space saving?

I need space! Especially in the boy’s bedroom.  It seems like the older they get, the bigger the toys get and the more space it all takes up… and I am losing space all over my house while trying to remain organized!

I started to think a couple weeks ago that bunk beds just may be the answer to my space saving problem. We won’t be running out to put an addition on the house, and we certainly aren’t going to be moving anytime soon… so it seems like one of the only logical ways to make more room in their bedroom.

Not only that but I have been on this no toys in the living room kick lately, and the only way I am going to be able to keep up with that is if I actually make more room for their toys else where.

But with the boys being so young, I wonder how good of an idea it would really be. It seems like most people who have put their kids into bunk beds have really done so once they were at least both school aged and no longer flailing around in their sleep.  Right now they are both in their own bed though.

My oldest, who will be four this coming December has no issue climbing up and down a small ladder, and with railings, he is going no where, especially considering he sleeps with a teddy bear that is basically the size of me!  But I think I worry more about my youngest who is two. Even with railings on the side of the toddler bed he sleeps in (crib convert) he still falls out sometimes.   I wouldn’t want any bunk beds that are taller than the bed he is currently in because of this.  It isn’t far to the floor, but no one wants to hear their little one fall out of bed in the middle of the night.

This is my first toddler rodeo, so I really want some input from the other parents out there who have been through something similar, especially if you did put your kids into bunk beds.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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