I Can’t Believe He’s Not Ripping These Off

toddler sunglasses
His future is looking bright!

When I was pregnant and wondered what my baby would look like, there was one thing I never really had to guess – his eyes. My husband and I both have really light blue eyes, so we figured Cullen would as well. He ended up getting the best of both of ours, and his eyes are this amazing vibrant blue. But just like mama, his eyes are also really sensitive to light.

I have my sunglasses within an arm’s reach no matter the weather or the time of year. Sometimes the cloudiest days actually produce the worst light-sensitive glare. We also live in Seattle where sun is fleeting during certain seasons, which just makes it harder to adjust when it does eventually come out.

We’re entering into our sunny season here, and we’ve had incredible weather recently. This has meant lots of sunny days and bright afternoons. Last week during our morning car ride, Cullen was particularly squirmy in his car seat, saying, “Eyes, eyes, eyes!” over and over again as the sun beamed in through the car windows. I don’t really care for those suction cup window shades (I’ve heard they can be a big hazard in case of an accident), so I crossed my fingers and hoped that the next best thing would work: toddler sunglasses.

We had a pair of infant sunglasses for Cullen’s first year – the kind with the stretchy band that goes around the head to keep them on. Whenever I try to put them on him now, he screams and rips them off immediately.  I don’t think he like the feeling of it squeezing around his head. (And who can blame him?) So I got a pair of regular, toddler-sized sunglasses and figured it was worth $6 to try.

The verdict? He loves them. I kept watching and waiting to see if he’d pull them off, and was sort of amazed when he carried on and kept playing like nothing new was attached to his face. They are over-sized aviators and look completely ridiculous. I can’t help but smile and laugh all day when he’s wearing them. It definitely helps lighten the mood on tough nap-less afternoons!

He seems to actually understand their purpose too.  If I forget to put them on him in the car and pull out the driveway, he starts up with, “Eyes, eyes, eyes!” right away until I stop and outfit him correctly. Most of the time, he leaves them on for the entire ride, although he’ll occasionally pull them off if he gets bored. But on a playground or out for a ride in the stroller, he’s too busy checking out his tinted view of the world to mess with them, and I’m happy knowing his eyes are protected and comfortable.  Just another sign that he’s growing up quickly I guess! Good thing this one is impossibly cute.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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