I Can't Keep Up With My Toddler.

Meeting George at the NC State Fair 2011. Poor guy, the sun was right in his eyes!

Watching Harrison grow his personality & discover his preferences has been the greatest joy of parenting for me.


Watching him take his first steps brought joy to my eyes, but watching him light up to anything with Lightning McQueen made me just as happy.  Why?  Because it was HIM.  It was Harrison, down to his core, with stars in his eyes & love in his heart for that little red car.  Nothing I had done created this moment – it was all Harrison.  I just adore watching him become his own person.

But I’ve found that toddlers have a version of ADD where they jump from love to love to love with no warning or stop.  & I’m struggling to keep up.

First, it was school buses.  The kid hollered for school buses every morning during out commute & ignored every toy except his Little People school bus.  He died a little toddler happiness death when I framed a print of a school bus for his bedroom.  & he even slept with a tiny Matchbox car bus!

Then it was Curious George.  That sweet little monkey & his friends, both in books & the 8am television show on UNC TV.  Every morning, he pulled up his little stool in front of the television & watched an episode of “George,” all while wearing a tshirt emblazoned with a monkey’s face!  As a present for switching to his “big-boy bed,” Harrison opened Curious George sheets.  He was thrilled!  This lasted for several months & for his second birthday, I planned a Curious George themed party, complete with stuffed monkeys as party favors.

Much to my dismay, by the time the party rolled around, Harrison had moved on from Curious George.  Sure, he still enjoyed that little monkey, but the big guns belonged to LIGHTNING MCQUEEN!  CA-CHOW!

Yesterday in the bookstore, Harrison marched right past Curious George…right past Lightning McQueen….& headed straight for Thomas the Train.  Oh, my.  Thomas the Train?!  When did this happen?  When did Cars become “so 2 years old” & Thomas the new toddler currency?  & how am I supposed to keep up with what is “cool” at the moment?  Is toddlerhood just training me for the teenage years, when I’ll buy him a new pair of jeans that he loved the week prior, only to find out they are not “in” anymore?

p.s. to my own momma, I’m so sorry for doing that to you with that navy sweater from Abercrombie!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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