I Chose Not To Use A Toddler Bed

I may have mentioned before that my toddler doesn’t sleep in his crib. He probably slept there for 3 months total, and even then, not the whole night. Now, he sleeps in a big boy bed with a special pillow as a guard rail. Also, my husband ends up sleeping with him for a portion of every night, and to add to that, he sleeps with me sometimes too.

So, I guess that whole musical beds game is still going on. Well, after this weekend, everything could change.

Maybe if we had decided to use a toddler bed things would be different. But I just couldn’t bring myself to get a toddler bed. Sure, a toddler bed gives your overpriced crib mattress another couple of years of life, and toddler beds are totally adorable, even still, we decided to skip them.

Why you ask? The transition to big boy bed seems so comparitively, huge, right? Toddler beds are so low to the ground, they have built-in rails, much easier for a kid to get used to, but for us there were a few reasons not to go down that route.

1. Toddler beds are so temporary. To spend more money on a non-permanent item after the whole slew of baby crapola just left our fingers didn’t sit well from an environmental perspective.

2. The financial expense also seemed unecessary. Sure we could’ve found a toddler bed for really cheap on Craig’s list, and like I said above, we wouldn’t have to get a new mattress, but we still decided it wasn’t the route for us.

3. We are big cuddlers in our house. Some people might call it co-sleeping. If we got toddlers’ beds, the only place left to cuddle in our house would be in our bed. Yes, we let our kids in our bed but it’s nice to have options. I guess we like the musical bed game.

4. We happened to find two cute matching big boy beds that fit perfectly in our kids’ room. So, that was that. Big boy beds beat out toddler beds. I’m happy that we don’t have to buy our boys new beds in 3 years, as they can probably stick with these for a good 10. Of course, this could change, when they decide they want bunk beds in 5 years.

5. We’d probably need two of them, since I have a 1 and a 3 year old, rather than keep transitioning both boys. Then we’d need to offload two in a couple of years.

Are we worried that they fall out of bed? Yes, but when they do there’s a nice soft rug under them and it’s
only about 24 inches from the floor. Last week Shnook fell out of bed but didn’t even wake up. Meanwhile, both my boys like sleeping in their big boy beds together in the same room.

What do you think about Toddler Beds?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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