I Did It! I Cut My Toddler's Mullet!

toddler soccer
Before the cut. He looks so cute. Damn.

I’ve found in parenting that your kids change so quickly. They grow out of their clothes every four to six months, their shoes every three months, and their hair? Well, both my kids had slow growing hair until they became toddlers.

Then suddenly, it seemed that overnight it became…unruly.

Last week I posted about how Fuzz’s mullet was out of control. That was the day I started looking for the scissors.

I swore I had some barber scissors that I bought when Shnook was around the same age. But where had they gone?

Every day, I searched for them as the rat’s nest started to irritate me even more. I’d gotten past the phase of being sad about cutting it and now I was on a mission.


I still couldn’t find those darn scissors. And I wasn’t about to use the huge clunky kitchen ones, especially because I know this kid will not sit still for this venture.

Finally, I went out and bought another pair. When I got home, I ripped them out of the package, walked right over to him and chopped 3 times.  I knew that was all I’d get before he tried to get away from me, and I knew if I waited any more, I’d hem and haw again.  Click to see the initial result:

baby haircut
It's gone.

So, I have a feeling this haircut is going to take a few days before it looks a little less homemade, but at least I got it started. I wish I had a better picture, but believe me, it was hard enough to get this one.

He already looks older to me which is making me sad all over again. Even tonight when he plopped his head down on the bed to go to sleep, he seemed more like a two-year-old, instead of his 17 month-old self.

Life goes on, though. We were ready.




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