I Get Dirty Looks, He Gets Fist Bumps


Cody and I went to the mall on Saturday night with both little girls in tow because clearly we like a challenge (and Vivi needed pants.) We have a pretty good system going for shopping; we make sure the little ones are well fed and well rested and we do our best to get in and get out of the stores we need. When Cody needs an hour to try on three pairs of shorts, Addie, Vivi and I find something to keep us entertained. When I need three minutes to try on eleven pairs of pants, Cody and the girls can just wait because I am that fast.

I realized last night that one of those security ink tags was left on a shirt I bought so I went back to have it taken off, Cody and the girls headed into a mattress store (Mattress store? In the mall?) when I came back four minutes later Cody told me that the salesman had given him a fist bump for doing (what seemed to be) solo parent duty in the mall on a Saturday night.

The hell?

I expect no special treatment when I go out shopping with my girls. I know full well they are my responsibility and I do a pretty darn good job of keeping them under control. Addie is extremely well behaved and Vivi, well, we’re working on Vivi, but so far so good. I know when it’s time to go and I try not to be that mom pushing a stroller full of sobbing child through the shoe department. (However I’ve been there, everyone’s been there.)

However, I have never been fist bumped for managing both girls on my own.

I have been out in public with my friend Emily with three of her kids and one of mine. OH THE COMMENTS PEOPLE MADE. Emily was trying on dresses for a big fancy anniversary and I had two kids in strollers, one strapped to me and was playing games with the other one. It’s the stuff sister wife dreams are made of; someone to help you with your kids so you can try on dresses AND get an honest opinion on “Does this skirt make my bum look flat?” The other women in the store made comments along the lines of “Sheesh, this must be important because why else would you do this to yourself?” and “Whoa, looks like you have your hands full!” There’s also the silent glares and eye rolls, those are probably my favorite. Makes me want to scream “YOU NEVER TOOK YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE WHEN YOU WERE A YOUNG MOM?”

Two grown women can outsmart four little kids. Add in our older two and we spend our entire summers two against six and we manage just fine thank you.

I’m not saying Cody doesn’t deserve the credit for being a swell dad, because he totally is. But I’d like a fist bump every now and again.

In fact, next time I see a mom with four kids at the mall? Imma gonna give her a fist bump and take her to Starbucks.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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