I Hate Cutting My Toddler’s Hair

I wish he'd gotten his gorgeous locks from me!
I wish he’d gotten his gorgeous locks from me!

On the day he was born, the first words I heard about my son (before he even fully arrived!) were — “I think he has a ton of hair …” And he did!  A full head of thick, dark hair that we all stared at in disbelief. In the weeks that followed, the top hair fell out and the back filled in rapidly, leaving him with the classic “old man baby” look that is both hilarious and adorable.

Eventually, it all grew in together and by the time he hit his first birthday he had a thick mop of beautiful, wavy golden-brown hair. It grew and grew and became a lovely toddler mullet, and finally I caved and took him for his first haircut. It was actually not nearly as bad as I thought it would be, and I loved his little boy layers and bangs. But every cute since has been slightly traumatic.  But not for him, for me!

As he’s grown through his second year, he’s had many haircuts at many different places, and I’ve ended up hating most of them. He has such a wonderful, naturally thick head of hair, and I hate to see it chopped into a silly little boy’s bowl cut.   keep trying different salons and stylists, and I keep hoping I’ll find the right fit. Little girls’ hair seems easier to style, where little boys all end up with either a bowl or a buzz.  I love Cullen’s hipster shaggy layers, and if I could get away with not cutting it at all, I probably would. But it grows so quickly and it’s in his eyes so much, we find ourselves at the salon every 6-8 weeks. I keep saying I won’t go back, and yet I keep ending up there …

Does anyone else hate toddler haircuts? I know it’s not realistic for him to have an adult hairstyle that requires styling or work, but there has to be something in between, right?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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