I Heart Garage Sales

It’s finally garage sale season, and it makes me so happy! I love to find great stuff at garage sales for my kiddos and my home. I used to be a frequent mall shopper, but since my frugal and crunchy nature has taken over, garage sales, second hand stores and thrift shops are my new shopping destinations of choice.

This weekend I got the chance to hit up some garage sales for the first time this spring, and I was really happy to find some great classic toys for my kids.

I got these great sets of Lincoln Logs and Tinkertoys and both were in like-new condition, with all the parts, and the Tinkertoys are even wooden, instead of the newer plastic version. The kids love them, and played with them all weekend long!

I love that they are open-ended toys, rather than toys with batteries that do the “playing” for the child. My kids love to build and create, and these types of toys are great for encouraging their creativity.

On Saturday morning I sat down with them and helped them build and then they had fun playing with their new creations.

I also found Brenden his first big boy bike, which he is super excited about, and I got a large set of Duplos along with a Duplo Building Plate, that I’m hoping to make (or really, have hubs make) into a Pinterest inspired Lego Play Table.

Here are a few pictures of our new toys in action:

  • Big Boy Bike! 1 of 8
    Big Boy Bike!
    Bren is so excited to ride his new bike, and I was excited to get it for so cheap!
  • Lincoln Logs 2 of 8
    Lincoln Logs
    The classic building toy. What is so great about these is that my kids won't grow out of them for a long time. They will continue to be a favorite toy for years to come.
  • Building Together 3 of 8
    Building Together
    It's so sweet to watch them play and build together.
  • Tinker Toys 4 of 8
    Tinker Toys
    We built a barn for their animals.
  • Doing Their Own Thing 5 of 8
    Doing Their Own Thing
    Once we actually got the log cabin and barn built, they were actually happier to play on their own.
  • Log Cabin 6 of 8
    Log Cabin
    My daughter was more into the Lincoln Logs, and my son enjoys the Tinkertoys more, so it actually works out perfectly. They can both play without bothering each other too much.
  • Duplo Building Plate 7 of 8
    Duplo Building Plate
    I was very happy to find this Duplo building plate along with a big stash of Duplo blocks. Do you know how expensive those are to buy new?!
  • Lego Building 8 of 8
    Lego Building
    I can't wait to use this building plate to make a Lego Play Table. I know it will be something my kids will really enjoy!

What are your favorite bargains to find at garage sales or thrift stores?

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