“I Just Want to Be a Baseball Player, Mom!”

Watching the big boys play ball!
Watching the big boys play ball!

We all know that toddler likes and dislikes come and go with the wind. Last week’s favorite shirt evokes tears if I try to put it on today, and toys that were former favorites are collecting dust in corners of the playroom. So I try not to get too carried away with any of my toddler’s “favorites.” In our two-and-a-half years of parenting, so far two things have stood the test of time.

First, the garbage truck.

Man, oh man — my kid is OBSESSED with garbage! I really thought this was a fad that was going to wane many long months ago. Back before he could even talk, just after his first birthday, he started pointing and shouting at every single garbage can he saw. You can imagine that this made our afternoon stroller walks quite eventful. And ever since then, garbage day is still the highlight of the week. He still plays with the garbage trucks every single day. He still announces with every single Amazon box arrival, “It might be a garbage truck!” It makes me feel totally ridiculous (and I assure you only two garbage trucks have ever arrived in the mail!).

But beyond garbage, we have a new obsession. I don’t want to speak too soon, but it seems like this is one that could actually stick well beyond the toddler years …


My husband is over the moon. We try not to push Cullen into liking certain things, as we want him to develop his own interests and talents. And last year he didn’t really care too much about his little bat and tee set. But this year? Let’s put it this way … he sleeps in his baseball hat at night. He swings his bat at every chance he has to be outdoors, and indoors (where the bat is not allowed) he swings his arms with an imaginary bat all day long.

He carries a baseball in the car, there is always a spare in my purse, and last night we never made it to the playground because we stumbled by a little league game while on our way. He has been to more Mariners games than me this year, and the Mariner Moose feels like the fifth member of our family.

His response to any of my daily requests is, “I just want to be a baseball player, mom.”

Come inside, your lunch is ready!
Please put the bat back — we don’t play with it inside.
If you want to throw the ball, you need to go into the living room.  

“I just want to be a baseball player, mom!”

Sigh, who can argue with that? It is crazy adorable, and I’m excited to see if it is, in fact, just another toddler fad. Or if perhaps this is something he really does love and will stick with him throughout his childhood. How could nights out with dad at the ballpark ever get old?

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