I Laugh When my Toddler Swears

We have fun together

I got one of those nasty, horrible, no-good Mom confessions I have to spill.

This week there has been posts about parents who think its cute for toddlers to sing and dance to inappropriate songs, and there are really strong opinions on both sides of the fence.

And I am sure readers will hang me out to dry after this one, but I also know I am not the only parent on the planet who does this.

I laugh when my toddler swears.

Not because I think it is hysterical that he picked up on me calling other drivers assholes under my breath.

Not because I want to encourage him to repeat the behavior over and over again.

Not because I feel like a failure that he even knows the word at all.

Because the word asshole coming out of his two year old mouth, with his petite little voice — all juvenile and cute just doesn’t fit.

Of course I don’t laugh in front of him, or show him that I think it is absolutely freaking hysterical.

Of course I redirect him, discipline him, and explain repeatedly why we do not use that word.

But it doesn’t make the situation as a whole any less hysterical.

I am ashamed of my behavior, and I successfully raised one talking child into being a school aged kid without any language issues when we are out in public, or when he is in school.

My toddler in question is heading to school starting on Monday of next week, and I am scared he is going to drop the a-hole bomb.

Here is to crossing my fingers and hoping all the correcting, and re-directing I have been doing actually works… right?

Any other parents out there in the same camp?

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