I Love Cloth Diapering… But I Still Hate Poop

Upon hearing that I use cloth diapers, most people say “Eww… what about the poop?” which I typically shrug off.

But like every other parent out there, whether we’re using disposable diapers or cloth diapers… we all equally hate poop. But it is a necessary and gross evil of parenting. Of course, after five years of parenting I got over my strong gag reflexes and can deal with most bodily fluids that would have normally sent me over the edge of a vomit fest.

Being a cloth-diapering mom and, thus, dealing with poop differently than most other parents, isn’t an automatic certification that I am a Grade A poop lover. I promise you that!

I think I can generally speak for most parents when I voice my hate for crappy diapers. Right, guys?

But, I still make the choice to use cloth diapers because *I* find them to be easier, and more affordable (most of the time) all the way around. No more running to the store in the middle of the night for diapers, no more diaper genie inserts or disposable diapers. Although, I always keep a back up pack in the house for when I do need them. I promise, I don’t hate on disposables!

I just wanted to clear up the poop-loving misconception.

Even some other popular cloth-diapering moms go on a poop-hating rant. In fact Katie from Pickles & Paisleys raved about the AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper flushable cloth diaper inserts, in the battle against poop in cloth. I have to second her love for them. When I first started cloth diapering, my middle son was Addison’s age, and they worked amazing. I highly suggest them!

Amanda from The Eco Friend Family had one suggestion: “Rubber Gloves” Haha!

I like her humor!

Overall, there are ways to make poop in cloth diapers easier to deal with. My most important suggestion? Invest in a diaper sprayer. (It also works wonders for cleaning your bath tub.) I am all about “adapt and overcome” with house chores!

So, now I will ask you moms. No matter what kind of diapers you are using … tell me about your feelings on poop!


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