I Prefer Toddler Diapering

Call me crazy, but I actually prefer diapering a toddler to a newborn. Don’t get me wrong, there is something wonderful about a baby that won’t wiggle during a change and diapers that don’t require a gas mask to tackle. But there is one big difference in toddlers that can’t be overlooked: blowouts.

Tate has not had a single blowout in the last six months and he had so many early on. So many outings were cut short because he needed a bath and I needed a change of clothes. So many of his clothes were never the same, because though newborn poop doesn’t smell it certainly does stain. I remember one time specifically, where Tate was sitting up and I noticed a faint greenish yellow coloring on the back of shirt. After closer examination, I realized that Tate had had the monster of blow outs up to shoulder blades. And we all know there is only one thing to do during these situations – carefully take off the onesie and toss it in the trash with one hand while starting the bath tub with the other. Man am I happy those days are long gone… for Tate, anyway.

What about you? Do prefer newborn or toddler diapers?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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