I Should Probably Just Carry Around a Huge Ziploc Bag

If you open up my diaper bag, a beautiful black leather satchel that carries everything I could possibly need for my two-year-old daughter within the span of a day, all you will see upon first inspection, is a ton of Ziploc bags.

Diaper bags are waterproof for a reason— you carry various liquids in there, like milk, juice, and water (often all at once), alongside things like pee-soaked clothes and wet bathing suits.

In addition to these leakable and/or soiled items, you carry things like snacks, clean diapers, precious blankies and maybe an extra set of clean clothes to leave with daycare or preschool— all of which need to remain dry or else SOMEBODY (and I don’t think I need to say who) might get unbelievably upset.

There is no better way to protect the dry items in your bag than by enclosing wet and dry items alike in Ziploc bags.

Which only HALF explains why my diaper bag is full of them.

Ziplocs don’t only keep pee-soaked clothes from permeating clean dry outfits, they also keep crayons all in one place, pretzels from going stale, back-to-school sandwiches from getting soggy, sneakers from spreading dirt, suncreen from getting everything sticky and electronic devices from being destroyed.

I even carry around a few extra empty Ziplocs, just in case an unforeseen situation comes up.

Like, let’s say you are on a three hour trip to Providence, Rhode Island and have to pull-over to make an emergency diaper change on the side of the road with no trash can in sight and you don’t feel right tossing a disposable diaper full of poop in a bush.

It’s pretty awesome to have a Ziploc to stick that thing in so you can put it back in your car without smelling your daughter’s “special gift” for the next two hours.

Let’s just say— Ziplocs don’t just lock in “freshness”, if you know what I mean.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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