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If 3-Year-Olds Apologized

  • I’m sorry there is strawberry jam on your computer. I will help you find the person who did it as soon as I finish my jam sandwich.
  • I’m sorry that you have to call the repairman, but the toaster has stopped giving correct change again.
  • I’m sorry that I flushed money down the toilet, but the toaster is broken so …
  • I’m sorry I ate the last of the mini-cotton candy; also we’re out of Q-tips.
  • I’m sorry that I’m eating lotion, but we’re out of toothpaste and I needed a snack.
  • I’m sorry I wiped my nose on your face, but Kleenex feels like old people skin.
  • I’m sorry I glued my sister’s head, but we were all out of tape.
  • I’m sorry I licked your bottle of Tabasco sauce; also do tongues grow back?
  • I’m sorry that I destroyed the house with a scone.
  • I’m sorry that I hid the bathroom key; also, do you know where I hid the bathroom key?
  • I’m sorry, I know it’s nap time. but I really need to make a sandwich and a phone call.
  • I’m sorry I put a giraffe down my pants, but it seemed right at the time.
  • I’m sorry that I put cheese in my harmonica.
  • I’m sorry I ate your mail.
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