If My Three-Year-Old Daughter Was in Charge of Halloween Decor

Traditionally, Halloween is a time for witches, ghosts, goblins and all things terrifying. With copious amounts of black and orange. Would Halloween be nearly as spooky in pink and purple? Does glitter naturally take the edge off a Jack-o-lantern?

Lately, my three-year-old daughter has been playing around on Pinterest and as soon as I saw her pin some pink sparkly pumpkins, I knew Halloween would be a whole lot different if she was in charge of the decor.

The ghosts would wear pearls, the zombies would have pink manicures, and the witches would be dressed like Cinderella. On second thought, witches disguised as a princesses is a pretty awesome costume.

Here’s what Halloween would look like if Mazzy was in charge…

  • Princess Pumpkin 1 of 12

    She'd OBVIOUSLY need a pumpkin dressed up as a princess. How else would you dress up a pumpkin?!

    Image Source: The Stir 

  • Pink Pumpkin Trick-or-Treat baskets 2 of 12

    A classic, plastic Jack-o-lantern is so last year. Hot pink is more my daughter's speed. She picked one out a month ago and is patiently waiting to fill it with treats.

    Image Source: Distillery Image

  • Sparkley Spiders 3 of 12

    There would be spiders, but they will be SILVER SPARKLY spiders. Attached to a cupcake, of course.

    Image Source: Love From The Oven 

  • Pink Skeleton Onesie 4 of 12

    Mazzy's baby sister would be allowed to attend, but she would need the appropriate costume. Pink Skeleton pajamas will do the trick.

    Image Source: $21.89 at Kid's Halloween Costumes 

  • Purple “Poison” Apples 5 of 12

    Because even poison should come in a luscious shade of purple.

    Image Source: Rose Bakes 

  • Pink Skeleton 6 of 12

    Skeletons are way more ready to party when they are spray painted pink.

    Image Source: I Suwanne 

  • Lady Skull 7 of 12

    Skulls need to accessorize, too.

    Image Source: JeanKnee

  • Spooky Glam Cake 8 of 12

    Mazzy is hoping to start a new Halloween trend with this cake. She calls it "Spooky Glam."

    Image Source: 365 Days of Halloween 

  • Pink Sparkle Ghost Nails 9 of 12

    If Mazzy could sit still long enough for a manicure, she'd get this pink, sparkling, bedazzled witch and ghost look. It goes great with any Halloween costume!

    Image Source: Become Gorgeous

  • Pink Candy Corn 10 of 12

    What Mazzy-inspired Halloween party would be complete without pink candy corn? Or as my daughter calls it, "corn candy."

    Image Source: Red Bubble

  • Pink Witch Hat Hair Accessory 11 of 12

    Mazzy loves her hair accessories and this pink mini-witch hat hair clip would be the perfect "cap" to an eventful evening. 

    Image Source: Etsy

  • Sparkly Pumpkins 12 of 12

    The piece de resistance, would be bright pink painted glitter-tastic pumpkins. Best if these babies are left outdoors.

    Image Source: Creative Mommas

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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