If Nothing Else, Tell Your Toddler to be Grateful They Weren’t Born in Paris in the 1880s (PHOTOS)

Paris Expo
Are we having fun yet?

Around the holidays I was kind of feeling bad for my toddler that we just don’t have that many toys for her. It wasn’t that she doesn’t have anything fancy or fun, she really didn’t have much of anything.

But all toys are not created equal, and after seeing some equipment meant for toddlers that was shown at an exposition in Paris in 1889, I’m starting to feel a bit better about the fact that my little one generally has little to play with.

If your toddler whines about wanting new toys or comes back to you later in life complaining about what they didn’t have or felt they were missing out on, show them these photos from the 1889 Paris Exposition and let them know if could always have been worse:

  • Whoopee! 1 of 6
    Rock-a-bye toddlers on a perilous stack of cradle-like baskets.
  • Hooray! 2 of 6
    You will look at the sky and you will enjoy it.
  • Wahoo! 3 of 6
    Isn't this fun?! Being strapped into something and then having a flag and some we're-laughing-at-you-not-with-you hat stuck in your hair!

    Good times.
  • Yahoo! 4 of 6
    You know, this wouldn't be so bad if there were, let's say, some food or toys in front of her.
    And, you know, if she weren't trapped in there as if she were about to be beheaded or scooped like Gretel into an oven.
  • Whee! 5 of 6
    Don't worry, sweetheart. When you tire of being constrained in the lower ring, we'll move you up to one of the higher constraints.

    You're welcome.
  • Huzzah! 6 of 6
    It's all fun and games until some has to bend down to scratch her knee.

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