IKEA Recalls Kids Bed Canopies Because of Strangulation Risk

Hold the phone. You know all of those adorable and budget-friendly canopies that you can purchase to add some magic and pizzazz to your kid’s sleep space? Well, those are now dangerous too. This morning Ikea voluntarily announced that they are recalling a large number of their kids’ bed canopies.

Ikea Recalls Children's Bed Canopies

Which ones?  To date they are recalling: LEGENDARISK, MINNEN, BARNSLIG BOLL, MINNEN Brodyr, HIMMEL, FABLER, TISSLA and KLÄMMIG. The Standard quoted IKEA in saying they have “identified a potential strangulation hazard” and that it “has received reports of entanglement when net is pulled into the cots/beds and entangled around infant’s necks.”

While the company said that there have been reports of children becoming entangled in the canopy, there have yet to be any reports of actual injuries.

So here’s the thing. Those canopies haven’t been sold by Ikea since 2008! In fact, we have a couple that I recently found at our local Goodwill with plans to use one for a cozy reading nook in the kids’ room, complete with bean-bag chairs and furry rugs and little twinkle lights draped throughout the sheers. I wanted to use the other one for our outdoor play-space come late spring into summer. Cute, right? Except now I’m apparently putting my kids in danger if I continue on as planned.

What do you think? Better safe than sorry? Or are you going to keep your child’s canopy in their dreamy room, thank-you-very-much and keep an eye on things as we as parents do with all things? Because essentially, isn’t everything a hazard? I mean really. What about toddler blankets? (I’m not talking about infants with blankets.) Does this mean that all of the other big companies and Etsy shops that DO presently sell similar canopies are going to stop making/selling and recall theirs too?

Of course I understand that I can’t be minding what happens when my kids are sleeping, and to be honest, I don’t know if I’d put a canopy over an infant or a toddler’s crib or bed for the exact fear of possible entanglement and worse. But in a play-space for use during the waking hours with older toddlers? Perhaps I prescribe to old-school parenting methods a little more than I think, but I don’t see the need for such huge concern here. Heck, I’m still going to let my kids drink water from the hose this summer and ride their scooters without knee-pads. All of this coming from a mom whose kids sleep in bunk-beds and they aren’t even 6 yet!

Ikea is offering a full refund to customers and further inquiries can contact Ikea toll-free at 1-800-661-9807. You know, if you feel the need.

Top Image via: MSN News


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