“I’m The Expert!” 20 Ways in Which Toddlers Rock

the bestI, a mere mother of toddlers, have an announcement to make. While these little people may be the brunt of a lot of justifiable flack, I’m here to tell you that, for the most part, they are awesome.

They are talented.

They are smart.

They are more capable than we give them credit for (and sometimes less so).

They are at a stage in life where they are free to be uninhibited in so many ways, which is fair, since they are guided and monitored in most every other way of life. (As necessary.)

At a time in my life when snot-trails run a tie to sweet kisses, it’s helpful (and important) to remember what special little human beings I have been graced with.

Even when. Just even WHEN. (Insert any and all possible palm forehead moments a mother of toddler(s) reaches at any given multiple point, during any given day).

Aside from all of that, they are all of this and so much more. So, yes. I’m going to say it. We’re lucky. Even when they breathe fire, we are lucky.

  • Making Magic in the Everyday 1 of 20
    Making Magic in the Everyday
    In a toddlers world, everyone's a pony (or unicorn, or astronaut, or fire breathing dragon) and they all eat rainbows (or ketchup, or pancakes), and poop butterflies (or glitter, or chocolate milk). As adapted from Horton Hears a Who. These are the things that could be going through a small person's mind at any given moment in time. Related? It is the imagination of small children everywhere that allows them to make most everything magical, expecp, you know - when they don't. See slides 2, 6 and 14.
  • Scaring the Crap Out of Us 2 of 20
    Scaring the Crap Out of Us
    Mostly it's their lack of experience and constant curiosity that leads them to their wild, uninhibited ways, but I swear sometimes they do things just to freak us out.
  • Tickle-Backs 3 of 20
    The other day, as my son and I were cuddling up for his nap-time I par-took in my usual tickle-back and hair smoothing routines and had a genius idea of teaching him to draw letters on my back. Kid LOVES doing it - and this mama gets a tickle-back too. Win, win.
  • Busting New Dance Moves 4 of 20
    Busting New Dance Moves
    We could all take note. Toddlers have MOVES yo.
  • Showering us With Love 5 of 20
    Showering us With Love
    No one like our children, specifically during the the toddler years will shower us with as much unconditional love. Cats and dogs maybe come close...but still, I'm going with a toddler.
  • Post Apocalyptic Melt-downs 6 of 20
    Post Apocalyptic Melt-downs
    As much love as they can rain down upon us, so they will aslo wreak the fiery tornados of their tortured souls over not much of anything. From our perspective at least.
  • Keeping Dairy Farmers Happy 7 of 20
    Keeping Dairy Farmers Happy
  • Dress-Up 8 of 20
    Free from the worry of what other people may be thinking of them, a toddler has the sweet ability to act out all of their dreams, ideas and inspiration. (Pending our permission of course).
  • Keeping Strawberry Farmers Happy 9 of 20
    Keeping Strawberry Farmers Happy
    I don't know about you - if but a day goes by and there aren't strawberries on hand I can expect a slide #6 to commence and not much of slide #5.
  • Art & Drawing 10 of 20
    Art & Drawing
    The little Picassos that they are, I am of the opinion that their bright, whimsical, abstract artwork (paintings specifically) are most awesome.
  • Story-time 11 of 20
    The older a toddler gets, the more engaged they shall become in reading - if you are a bunch of book nerds who read to them daily like we are. Pretty soon they'll be curled up in your lap, reading (memorizing, whatever), their favourite stories and you shall eat up every single tender moment of it.
  • Accepting Us for All of Our Faults 12 of 20
    Accepting Us for All of Our Faults
    Just as much as thye love us, and while they may point out our bad breath, our pimples and our muffin tops - at the end of the day, they could care-a-less. Even if they are in the middle of a Slide #6, shortly there-after they will be looking up at you like you are dipped in chocolate and gold. For the most part, they think we are the best humans to ever walk the planet.
  • Helping 13 of 20
    Toddlers love to contriibute, help and generally do any and all things that you are doing. Which, of course, can be a pain in the butt sometimes - but the more you entertain their desires, you may just find that they are great little helpers and catch on pretty quick.
  • Destroying a Room in 5 Seconds Flat 14 of 20
    Destroying a Room in 5 Seconds Flat
    No one like a toddler knows how to tear through a neat and tidy room and get into each and every toy; leaving a hurricane in their wake - like a toddler. No one.
  • Singing Songs 15 of 20
    Singing Songs
    This goes right along with Slide #8. It's because of such inhibitions that not only will they sing, they often will do so at the top of their lungs - unless you have a shy one on your hands. In that case they'll want you to sing all the time. Oh wait, that happens either way. To be clear, I didn't say they sound good perse, but they are adorable.
  • Doing Puzzles 16 of 20
    Doing Puzzles
    Like a BOSS.
  • Playing Hide & Seek 17 of 20
    Playing Hide & Seek
    They may not be as good at it as older kids, but once you teach a toddler this game they fall madly in love with it and there is something to be said for counting to a hundred while your child hides under the table, in plain view, covering their face, fully believing that you can't see them because they are hiding their eyes.
  • Mad Tech Skills 18 of 20
    Mad Tech Skills
    Toddlers KNOW their way around computers, smart-phones, tablets and pretty much any other form of technology they watch us operate, that we then turn over to them for some brief, blissful moments of peace.
  • Eating Ice Cream 19 of 20
    Eating Ice Cream
    Like a BOSS.
  • Yoga 20 of 20
    It's true. Their pliable little limbs are made for it.


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