Important Tips For Toddler Playground Safety

baby swingSorry to get all helicoptery on y’all, but when your toddler fractures a bone from a harmless trip down the slide** you can understand how it might send me to the internet for more info about playground safety.

Unfortunately, I read nothing about the dangers of wearing rubber soles down the slide, but if you’re reading this…take heed.

Meanwhile, here are some other important facts and tips about playgrounds that could be useful for your next trip to the park.

  • Teach Your Toddler Common Courtesy 1 of 10
    Teach Your Toddler Common Courtesy
    "Let others go first. Don't push. Wait your turn."
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  • Safe Playground Design 2 of 10
    Safe Playground Design
    A good playground will have an area especially for toddlers that is separate from the other play areas. An awesome one will have an area for infants to age 2, one for 2-and-a-half to 5-year-olds, and one for 5- to 12-year-olds.
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  • Safe Surfaces 3 of 10
    Safe Surfaces
    Avoid concrete, blacktop, and asphalt, as these are too hard on toddlers when they fall. It's best to avoid grass and earth-packed surfaces as well since the softness of these surfaces may depend on weather and how well the soil wears. Rubber surfaces are best for under equipment. Surfaces should also be free of rocks and sticks, and be mindful of tree roots.
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  • Swing Safety 4 of 10
    Swing Safety
    Make sure your toddler is sitting while he swings, even in the baby swing. Be careful he or she don't walk near someone swinging or he or she could get kicked or hit. Slow down before getting off swings (if old enough to use the big kid swings).
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  • Safety on Climbing Structures 5 of 10
    Safety on Climbing Structures
    Watch out for wet equipment. Check equipment's temperature on a hot day to avoid burns, especially on the slide. Remind kids to climb with two hands. If you come on bikes, take off bicycle helmets before getting on playground equipment. Check the playground for broken equipment and make sure your toddler stays off of it.
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  • Slide Safety 6 of 10
    Slide Safety
    Slide down feet first, only. Be mindful of rubber soles (so you don't end up with Fuzz's problem.) Don't climb up the slide to get a stuck child or let your toddler climb up the slide.
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  • Seesaw Safety 7 of 10
    Seesaw Safety
    There should only be one kid on each side, and make sure the partners are about the same weight. Everyone else should stand back from the seesaw. Kids should always face each other and should always be sitting.
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  • Sprayground Safety 8 of 10
    Sprayground Safety
    These "wet" parks can be lots of fun as long as you pay attention to a few important details. There's no lifeguard on duty, so you must watch your kids if swimming is an option. Make sure they wear non-slip shoes, and warn them not to drink the water to avoid illnesses.
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  • Unsafe Things to Watch Out For 9 of 10
    Unsafe Things to Watch Out For
    Here are some staples of playgrounds that experts consider unsafe: animal figure swings; glider swings that hold more than one child at a time; any kind of swinging rope that could fray, unravel or become a noose or strangulation hazard; exercise rings (as used in gymnastics) and trapeze bars; monkey bars; and trampolines.
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  • Above All Else 10 of 10
    Above All Else
    Encourage your children to play responsibly and watch them!
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**Update on the Super Fuzz: ¬†After more than 40 hours of not walking, and even reverting to crawling (which was both cute and sad at the same time) he woke up this morning and attempted walking again! After an hour or so, he was moving at quite a pace and although he’s still limping, he’s doing great!

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