In Search of Big Booty Pants

Sure, this whole parenting experience has gone wicked fast the second time around. Nothing makes that more apparent than knowing that we are more than halfway done with diapers. There was a span of time between Addie and Vivi where I went four years without changing a diaper. And you know what? Diapers aren’t nearly as bad as I remember. Perhaps because that’s because we’ve been using cloth the second time around so we never run out of diapers and I’m not spending outrageous amounts of money each month on them. I remember reading somewhere that cloth diapered children potty train faster than those who wear disposables, because they can more easily tell when they are wet.

Well folks, Vivi is 17 months and as soon as she pees in a cloth diaper (even if I JUST changed her) she demands a new diaper. Will potty training be easier? Perhaps! But in the mean time there’s one thing about cloth diapers that I never took into consideration when I started using them.

They make baby butts really big and fluffy.

Vivi spent a majority of her babyhood in jammies and stretchy pants, she spent all summer in dresses or just a diaper. One of the greatest things about cloth diapers is they never required a cover under a dress, they were cute enough on their own to just hang out. However, now that the weather is getting much cooler, I’m finding it hard to find pants that fit over Vivi’s diapers and allow her to move easily. Leggings and tights work well but so many of them just aren’t thick enough to keep her warm. Jeans and cords are super cute but so many girl pairs are cut so narrow in the thighs and bum meaning I can get them on Vivi but she can’t sit or stand very easily. Wide leg sweat pants are probably the best, but the kid spends half her time wandering around looking like I never took her out of her pajamas. Last night we went on a search for pants that would be warm enough for winter, but big enough to accommodate her fluffy rear. (Buying a size up isn’t a great option since the waists stay the same size and just get longer. Vivi may be round, but she is short.)

Another problem I ran into was girl pants come in three colors, light pink, dark pink and lavender. Boy pants come in navy, grey and black. Where are the red pants? The orange pants? The fun striped pants? Perhaps it’s not a big deal to anyone else that pink is the primary choice for toddler girls, but it bugs me (which is why Vivi wears boy jammies with space exploring gorillas on them.) We hit the Children’s Place, Old Navy, Carter’s and Baby Gap in vain. We ended the search in H&M kids and SUCCESS Y’ALL. We found thick cotton leggings with equestrian details, knit sweater leggings in totally unique colors and I even bought a couple of sweaters from the boys side. (Why the boys side? Because they were AWESOME! One has a werewolf on it! The girl sweaters were all pink with deer and bunnies. (Not that we’re not a bunny loving family, but Vivi isn’t much of a bunny sweater girl.)

When it comes to finding pants that fit over Vivi’s cloth diapers, wide leg cotton sweat pants (Target and Old Navy) thick cotton leggings (bonus if they’re harem styled) (Tea Collection and H&M) have been the most successful for us. Even wide leg jeans can be a little iffy when it comes to ease of movement for a fluffy reared toddler.

Have you found a good style or brand of pants for cloth bottomed toddlers?


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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