Inappropriate or Hilarious? Attack of the Zombie & Mummy Toddlers

It’s not like we don’t all think it — parents of toddlers that is. There are many times (as we reach for the wine when they FINALLY go the sleep at 10 pm after 3 hours of trying … that would be me tonight folks) when we amuse ourselves by thinking these small people must really be a mix of vampire and zombie and that we’re their mummified mummy’s. I’ll joke about it to myself and anyone else who will listen because it helps ease the pain.

… Ease the pain of the almighty zombie toddler. Equal parts sweet, brilliant and inspiring — no one knows like a toddler how to test a parent’s patience to the limit or how to tap into their own  emotions and let go a furious, unbridled wave of rebellion. It’s like it’s their JOB.

In the spirit of Halloween (a time of year I’m obsessed with if you haven’t yet gathered), BEHOLD. A new era is unfolding … it’s the Attack of the Zombie & Mummy (someone’s got to dress up like us — screw that curlers and house-robe B.S.) … toddlers. Coming soon to neighbourhood near you. Get out your candy and it best not be raisins or you’re done for …

  • Give Me The Good Candy Or Else… 1 of 10
    Give Me The Good Candy Or Else...
    No matter how hard this one is trying she's still cute. Green and bloody, but still cute. This must mean I'm fully trained in the toddler department. Besides, her make-up job is pretty tame.
    Spotted on Zombie Attack Advice
  • Zombie Head 2 of 10
    Zombie Head
    No way could anyone think is is inappropriate. One of the best costume ideas I've seen.
    Get if for $45.00 on Etsy from Just Zippity
  • Chucky’s Back 3 of 10
    Chucky's Back
    Ugh that movie. I not like. I'm not particularly fond of this costume either. Well done, but freaky. My guy would freak the eff out if I dressed him up like this!
    As seen on Family Style
  • The Cute & The Tame 4 of 10
    The Cute & The Tame
    Ah, sweet little mummy. I sure don't look this sweet on 4 or 5 hours of broken sleep with one toddler kicking me in the boob over a diaper change and another chewing on my leg. Not in the least.
    As seen on Parents
  • Someone’s Mommy Likes Zombies 5 of 10
    Someone's Mommy Likes Zombies
    Look! It's Robert Smith and Courtney Love's daughter!
    See more on Purple Slinky
  • *Slow Clap* 6 of 10
    *Slow Clap*
    I love this costume. Do you think the toddler does too? The best part is we'll never be able to tell.
    Photo Credit: My Love Idleness
  • ‘Braiiiiinnnnnsss!’ 7 of 10
    Another one who has a mama who's not afraid to wave her freak flag. My kind of woman. Also? This small child rocks.
    Photo Credit: Zombie Ambiance
  • No Make-up Needed 8 of 10
    No Make-up Needed
    This is what I was talking about. On any given day, Halloween or not - toddlers everywhere are probably Zomby'ing out at one time of the day or another. Truth.
    Photo Credit: TJ Fowler on Flickr
  • How To Make Mummies Cute 9 of 10
    How To Make Mummies Cute
    This is my life. Okay, only sometimes. But we're not talking about those other times, when they are sweet and good. I'm talking about all the rest of the time.
    Photo Credit used with permission via: a Place in the Sun Photography
  • True Life 10 of 10
    True Life
    Another make-up, costume free, real life, undercover toddler Zombie. Rare and clever, one never knows when they are about to get eaten. One minute they have an adorable, sweet and cuddly toddler in their arms, and the next? BOOM. You've just gotten you're cheek bitten off.
    Spotted at Flickr Hive

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