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Due to my love of Instagram (I’m @mommyshorts if you’d like to follow me), I have decided to start a new series called “Instaparent of the Month”. Each month, I will be featuring one of my favorite moms to follow on Instagram, asking them five questions and showcasing some of my favorite photos of theirs.

The first Instaparent I am featuring is the woman whose feed made me fall in love with Instagram in the first place: Stasha Becker aka @northwestmommy. Photographer by trade, Stasha lives in an island above Seattle and the photos she takes of her son, Julian and their huge dog Max in the surrounding area are so stunning, we even chatted about a house swap for the holidays.

  • March Instaparent of the Month 1 of 13
    March Instaparent of the Month
    Stasha Becker aka @northwestmommy
  • Max 2 of 13
    Stasha photos often include her dog, a huge Newfoundland named Max
  • Julian 3 of 13
    She also features her adorable son, Julian
  • Julian and Max 4 of 13
    Julian and Max
    Many of her photos are quirky moments of Julian and Max together.
  • Where’s Waldo? 5 of 13
    Where's Waldo?
    Stasha has a continuous series she calls "Where's Waldo?" where her son hides within the shot.
  • Punch Buggies 6 of 13
    Punch Buggies
    When I first started following Stasha, she was obsessed with photographing punch buggies.
  • In the Forest 7 of 13
    In the Forest
    Stasha uses the stunning Northwest landscape surrounding their home.
  • On the Beach 8 of 13
    On the Beach
    I always get the impression that Stasha takes daily walks with Julian and Max that span the forest to the ocean.
  • Symmetry 9 of 13
    Stasha may take real time photos of her daily life but her photos are always framed perfectly and with purpose.
  • Commute 10 of 13
    This is the ferry ride between Seattle and her island home. Even her commute is breathtaking.
  • More Julian 11 of 13
    More Julian
    Julian is a constant presence in Stasha's photos, like her Instagram partner in crime. Here he is reading "Where's Waldo?" What else?
  • In Front of Her Garage 12 of 13
    In Front of Her Garage
    Many of Stasha's shots are posed in front of her garage, a perfect white backdrop for Max and Julian.
  • Requisite selfie 13 of 13
    Requisite selfie
    Follow Stasha on Instagam at @northwestmommy.

1) How has Instagram changed the way you take pictures?

The biggest change Instagram has brought me is my son now loves having his picture taken. This was not the case when I used to ‘torture’ him to pose in front of my fancy camera. That’s how our Where’s Waldo? series came about. I started snapping my boy as he was hiding around avoiding his picture being taken and we would laugh looking at them. Now he plans his Waldo photos with great enthusiasm.

2) Do you post real time documentation of your life or do you use your feed as more of an art gallery where you only post your best work?

Most of my feed is real time. I have on occasion taken a few photos I loved one after the other and saved them to post later so as not to crowd my followers’ feeds. But even those I tend to post the same day.

3) What photo editing app could you not live without?

I edit most of my photos with VSCO. I like how it gives my photos a ‘film’ look. However, I think I could live without editing Instagram shots altogether. For me image being exposed properly is the key. I always tap my iPhone screen, looking for the right light before taking the shot. No amount of editing can fix an under or over exposed photo. AE/AF lock on the actual phone camera is my ‘cannot live without feature’.

4) What is your biggest tip on finding an Instagram community?

I love visiting feeds of my followers and getting to know them through their photos. Our comments become a conversation and I feel we become friends. My favorite part of this community has been meeting my fellow Northwest Instagramers at local meet-ups and spending an afternoon shooting with them. It is amazing how quickly you connect with someone when you share a common interest of iPhoneography and coffee.

5) Who are your five favorite feeds to follow?

There is so much talent on Instagram, so many amazing photos! But here are five Instagramers who would be my dream team to go on an Instawalk:

Melveen aka @me_lv from Hawaii , Olivia aka @deluda from NYC, Rose aka @gummyting from Toronto, Lily aka @lily__rose from Paris and Ana aka @anaderiggi from Sao Paolo.

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