Interview With a 3-Year-Old

This is Ben, short for Benjamin Emil. He is my three year old, and my most stubborn, hardheaded child. Probably the most needy as well, but I don’t mind because if you take one good look at him, and see those baby blues, they will melt your heard.

He is probably my funniest child as well. Completely unintentionally, but absolutely hysterical. From the bacon incident to his new love for Gangnam Style.

So, I thought about sitting down and having an actual conversation with him in detail and documenting it. We talk every day obviously, but I never sat down with a pen and paper to do something like this. I knew when the idea popped up in my head at 5am when I had to get up and pee, it would be amazing.

I just didn’t know how comical it would be.

We covered dinner, the Presidential election, bedtime, future career choices, and much more! I hope you guys are as amused as me!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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