Our Interview with the Most Famous Toddler on Instagram


You envy her sunglasses collection, you know her signature sass, and now you can see more of the world through her eyes – yes, we’re talking about Harlow, the most famous toddler on Instagram!

Her @Insta2yearold account has almost 75,000 fans and followers, no surprise as she comes from a family that could easily be described as the Kardashians of the parenting space. Harlow’s mom is Ilana Wiles, the amazing lady behind MommyShorts and her big sister is the inimitable Mazzy, who has an equally fabulous Instagram account filled with all things pink (@PinkinNYC).

In order to get to know Harlow a little better (and yes, maybe steal some of her Instagram secrets), we sat down with this It Toddler for an exclusive interview about her busy lifestyle, the misconception that toddlers like to sleep, and of course, Frozen.

What’s the hardest part of juggling the demands of preschool and family?

Harlow: Sometimes I just want to play with my Frozen dolls and eat my dinner and my parents are all like, “What happened at school today?” Ugh. Just give me a second to decompress, mom. Geez.

With your busy life, how do you find time to relax?

Harlow: I find Paw Patrol very relaxing but my mother doesn’t always let me watch. I’ve found that if I wake up extra early, like 5-5:30am, then my mom will put on the TV for me while she dozes next to me on the couch. It’s our favorite time of day!

What are 3 things you don’t leave home without?

Harlow: My sunglasses, my purse, and my scooter.

What’s the best toddler advice you’ve ever gotten?

Harlow: My big sister is a master of bedtime stalling. She’s taught me how to take my time with book selection, hold onto my toothbrush for dear life and claim I’m hungry right before bed. It’s all very effective. I can usually squeeze out an extra fifteen minutes of awake time.

What’s the hardest part about being a toddler?

Harlow: Probably the food. I don’t know why my parents keep insisting I eat it!

How do you stay down to earth now that you’re an Instagram celebrity?

Harlow: I try not to forget the little people. Like my big sister.  She loaned me her Frozen dresses back when I was a total nobody. That’s the kind of relationship that counts.

Describe your morning routine.

Harlow: Wake up at 5am and scream as loud as possible until my mom comes running. As soon as she comes in my room, I say I want waffles with syrup, cereal with milk and eggs. It seems like my mom can only make one of these things at a time which is beyond frustrating. I prefer to sit up on the kitchen counter to make sure she is doing it all right.

What do you think is the key to your success?

Harlow: Apparently, a lot of people out there have toddlers who identify with my life. Either that, or there are a lot of adults who love pasta and hate bedtime.

What’s the biggest misconception about toddlers?

Harlow: That we need sleep. This is a lie. It’s our parents who need sleep. Why do you think they put us in cribs? Because it’s the only way to force us into submission.

Check out some classic @Insta2yearold wisdom below:


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