15 Irresistible Handmade Hats For Your Toddler: Crochet and Knit Patterns (With a Few Ready Made Options!)

Don't fight it
The cold weather has officially arrived here in Northern Canada and many other parts around the globe. The only thing that makes stuffing one’s squirmy toddler into a snowsuit tolerable are… hats with ears. Of course.

This selection of impossible to resist, handmade wool hats will have you squealing. At least once. They are that cute. Don’t even try to fight it. 

  • The Burton Bear Cowl – PATTERN 1 of 15
    The Burton Bear Cowl - PATTERN
    Exquisitely adorable. Who needs to learn how to crochet when you can give the patterns to g-ma's or aunties that can? At least that what I'm planning on doing...
    $5.50 - The Velvet Acorn
  • Sleepy Owl 2 of 15
    Sleepy Owl
    Made with organic wool, this is for all of you who can't crochet, or don't have a granny or aunty who's willing.
    $28.00 - Frosted Poppies
  • Sweet Bunny 3 of 15
    Sweet Bunny
    Holy crap this child is gorgeous! Those eyes! And the hat? Just puts all of this adorable over the top in all of the right ways.
    $30.00 - Noggins 'N' Bobbins
  • Lil’ Fox 4 of 15
    Lil' Fox
    Knit with organic wool and cotton, this darling hat would suit a boy or girl.
    $38.00 - Joretta
  • Flower Girl 5 of 15
    Flower Girl
    More with the gorgeous children, I KNOW. This handmade, organic scallop hat with frayed flower clip is absolutely precious.
    $40.00- Three Fish Shop
  • Little Bear 6 of 15
    Little Bear
    This all wool, non acrylic hat will keep your little ones head nice and toasty. And ridiculously cute.
    $45.00 - Sweet Pea Toad Tots
  • Pom-Pom Win 7 of 15
    Pom-Pom Win
    This incredibly sweet and soft hat has been crocheted with organic cotton yarn and is available in any size you need!
    $28.00 - Tayuh Tate
  • Little Doggy – PATTERN 8 of 15
    Little Doggy - PATTERN
    Ears. Making all hats way better since the inception of Etsy.
    $4.99 - The Fuzzy Noggin
  • Beanie Bow 9 of 15
    Beanie Bow
    Made with organic cotton yarn, you'll find this hat to be much softer and longer lasting than those made with acrylics!
    $24.00 - Tayuh Tate
  • Little Lamb 10 of 15
    Little Lamb
    Holy moly. SO cute. All wool, popcorn knit, with tie-able flaps.
    $45.00 - Sweet Pea Toad Tots
  • Earflap Hat with Small Flower Brooch 11 of 15
    Earflap Hat with Small Flower Brooch
    Available with or without the flower brooch, a great find for either a boy or girl!
    $42.00 - Off The Hook Hats
  • Spiky Dino Earflap Hat – PATTERN 12 of 15
    Spiky Dino Earflap Hat - PATTERN
    What toddler boy wouldn't love this?
    $4.99 - The Fuzzy Noggin
  • Teddy Bear 13 of 15
    Teddy Bear
    Handmade, completely customizable sweetness right here.
    $29.00 - My Swallows Nest
  • Froggy Earflap Hat – PATTERN 14 of 15
    Froggy Earflap Hat - PATTERN
    Another great patten from The Fuzzy Noggin on Etsy, the only trouble now is choosing which one!
    $4.99 - The Fuzzy Noggin
  • Knitting PATTERN-The Caitlynn Cat Set 15 of 15
    Knitting PATTERN-The Caitlynn Cat Set
    Oy. Killing with the cute here. I mean, really. Is it wrong to have several hat sets for one's child? I wonder. Because I seriously want them all.
    $10.00 - The Velvet Acorn

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