Is Two Too Young for Preschool?

Is he ready?

My two-year-old wants to go to pre-school, and my husband and I are actually considering enrolling him.

When our almost four-year-old started in September, the process of dropping him off and picking him up three times a week included bringing my two-year-old, and five-month-old inside the school with me to drop him off and pick him up. Once Benjamin saw all the other kids, and toys… he was sold.

He didn’t want to leave, and then school picture day came last Thursday and we got to hang out there for a good two hours in big brother’s classroom and it was World War Three when it was time to leave.

Before this we had been talking with family members about Ben’s speech, development, and the strides he has made since this time last year when we were having in-home therapy with a wonderful program in Connecticut called Birth to Three.  It is truly amazing to see all the milestones he has hit.

A couple friends of mine have children enrolled in similar type programs for their toddlers. It is a part school type setting, and part daycare. They have other children the same age, and development level, and help with potty training. It isn’t quite pre-school like our oldest goes to, but it is comparable for a two-year-old.

I am struggling with the decision myself. He really seems interested in the whole school thing, and I know for a fact he feels left out when Camden goes to school for the couple hours he is there. It is a tearful goodbye and “I wanna go to schoooooool” for about 45 minutes after we drop him off.

But on the other hand, I feel like he should be at home with me. I am a work-at-home mom who has been balancing my work load, kids, chores, and everything for over a year now.  It is something I am just used to. I don’t want to feel like I am paying someone else to take care of him when I am perfectly capable of doing it myself.

And way back in my mom mind, I am thinking… OH MY GOD PRAISE THE LORD ONE LESS KID AROUND TO GET ALLLLLL MY CHORES AND WORK DONE!     Oh stop, you know you have thought that to yourself before when overworked and stressed!

So what do you think Moms?

Is two too young to start a pre-school program?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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